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Where can I find reputable solo ad vendors?

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Finding Solo Ad Partners Who Won’t Waste Your Time (or Money)

The idea of quick growth through a solo ad can be tempting. But like most things in life, the quality of the source matters far more than the quantity of emails. Where do you find the right partners, not just the ones promising sky-high numbers?

Think of it like hiring, not buying. You’re not purchasing an audience, you’re finding someone who’s already built one you respect. Their reputation is on the line, just like yours. So, where do you search for that kind of person?

The Slow Path is the Fast Path

This takes time. There’s no email list vending machine spitting out guaranteed success.

Invest your effort into finding a few quality partners over a massive, untargeted blast. It’s the smarter way to spend your money, and the respect it shows your audience will pay off far longer.

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