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What's the difference between solo ads and buying email lists?

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The siren song of instant email access is tempting. Do you pay for someone else’s established audience (solo ads) or try to purchase your own (buying a list)?

The difference is critical:

It’s all about permission. Solo ads involve tapping into a list where people want to hear from the list owner. Those subscribers are more likely to be open to what you say, too. Buying a list is like cold-calling - outdated numbers, irritated recipients, and likely junk mail status for you.

Control is an illusion. Solo ads mean less control, but more respect for the audience. With bought lists, even though you call the shots, your message likely lands on deaf ears.

Let’s Go Deeper

Think of it like this:

Here’s the thing: Quick fixes rarely build a lasting business.

What about the results?

Bought lists might get you a few quick sales, but they’ll also:

The Smart Way

Solo ads aren’t easy, but they’re an honest approach.

Yes, it takes more work: finding the right vendors, crafting good copy, etc.

But that effort builds trust over time!

Bottom Line:

If you want short-term junk food results, a bought list is your ticket. If you want to build a thriving business that people love, solo ads (done right) are a far better investment.

The Long Game

The question isn’t “if” the shortcut is cheap, it’s “if” it’s worth the long-term cost to your reputation.

Don’t waste money on a shortcut that leads to a dead end! Buying email lists won’t get you where you want to go.

Solo ads, however, can be an option. Here’s my entire solo ads FAQ.

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