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What Is Launch Jacking?

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Picture this: a brand new product or service is about to drop, and the internet is buzzing with excitement. Launch jacking is about finding that buzz and smartly using it to your advantage. It’s not about being sneaky - it’s about being helpful.

You become part of the launch frenzy, offering your list of insights and bonuses while targeting smart keywords.

Think of yourself as a resourceful guide for folks who are already hyped about this launch.

They want to know everything about it!

That’s where you come in.

You create awesome content - honest reviews, helpful comparisons, maybe even a sweet bonus if they purchase through your link.

This stuff genuinely helps people decide if the product is right for them. And hey, if they decide to buy, you earn a bit of commission for your efforts.

Key Points:

Why Launch Jacking Works

Product launches in the internet marketing world are a big deal. Vendors and affiliates whip up a frenzy of excitement, and folks researching those products go straight to Google and YouTube to learn more.

By targeting these keywords, you can be the one providing the info they crave - with your affiliate link attached.

Why Launch Jacking Is Effective

There’s something special about a brand new product launch. It’s like this ripple of energy spreading through the internet. Launch jacking is about recognizing that energy and using it smartly. Here’s why it’s so effective:

It’s a Win-Win-Win: Launch jacking works because it’s not just good for you. You’re genuinely providing value to potential customers, while also helping the product creator find their audience. That’s the sweet spot.

Launch jacking is about timing, relevance, and being in the right place at the right moment.

It’s not about exploiting people, it’s about harnessing the natural excitement of a launch to create a situation where everyone benefits.

How Does Launch Jacking Work?

Ok, here’s how launch jacking works…

Let’s break this down into simple steps. It’s more about being strategic than being complicated.

1. Find the Good Launches

Not every new product is worth your time. You want to sniff out the ones with real potential. How?

2. Is It Worth Your Time?

Before you dive in, ask yourself:

3. Create Kick-Ass Content

This is the heart of it - being genuinely useful to potential buyers. Focus on things like:

4. Make It Easy to Find

Great content is useless if no one sees it. Think like a search engine:

5. Spread the Word

Don’t wait for people to stumble upon you. Be proactive:

Remember, it’s about offering value, not pushy sales tactics.

Help people to make the right decision, and the rest will follow.

The Right Keywords To Go After…

… as an affiliate who wants to do launch jacking the right way:

Think Like a Customer

Picture someone who’s fed up with their job. They do some online searches for “how to make money online” and stumble across the world of affiliate marketing.

A guru’s course is launching soon, promising the moon and the stars. This newbie will absolutely devour reviews in search of the best bonuses and insights - that’s where you and your list of awesome bonuses come in!

The ‘Unwritten Rules’

Ethical Considerations

Here’s the deal: trust is everything.

It’s the foundation your launch jacking success is built on. Without it, you’re just another snake-oil salesman, and no one wants that.

So, here’s the non-negotiable stuff:

The Long Game: Hype gets you short-term wins, maybe. But the real prize is in building a loyal audience who trusts you and comes back for more. That only happens when you’re focused on genuinely providing value, not just chasing after a quick buck.

Don’t Be “That Guy”: You know the type - the ones screaming about how THIS PRODUCT will change your life and make all your dreams come true. That’s a surefire way to lose people’s trust. Be enthusiastic, sure, but keep it grounded.

Let’s be real - most people buying these products won’t take action, even with the best info. That’s on them.

But that doesn’t mean you should promote crap. Stick to your morals - focus on quality products and bonuses that truly help your audience.

That’s how you build a business that lasts and becomes part of the trusted resources people seek out.

Ready? It’s That Simple!

Launch jacking isn’t about reinventing the wheel. It’s about being smart, helpful, and seizing an opportunity that’s handed to you on a silver platter.

Now, go get started, build that list of killer bonuses, and target those lucrative keywords!

Stay awesome,

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