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What are the most important things to consider before buying solo ads?

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Imagine this: you spend a chunk of your hard-earned cash on solo ads, hoping for a rush of new leads. Instead, silence. Or worse, a few disinterested folks who never buy.

Solo ads have potential. But one wrong step, and you’re throwing money away.

Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen to you. Consider the following before your next solo ad buy.

Step 1: Know Your Ideal Customer

Solo ads are wasted on the wrong crowd. Imagine selling vegan cookbooks to steak lovers - no matter how good the recipes, it’s a mismatch.

Before you even look at a solo ad vendor, get crystal clear on your ideal customer.

Ask yourself:

Jot this down. Keep it handy.

Refer back to it before every solo ad purchase.

Step 2: Vetting Solo Ad Vendors

Not all solo ad sellers are created equal. Some are fantastic, others are shady.

Your job is to separate the good from the bad.

Questions to ask before you buy:

Sloppy answers here are red flags. Walk away.

Step 3: Crafting High-Converting Ad Copy

Forget about you. Your ad isn’t about your amazing product.

It’s about THEM - your ideal customer.

Focus on these things:

Don’t be afraid to test a few variations.

Small tweaks can make a big difference.

Step 4: The Power of the Opt-in Page

Your ad sends them to your landing page. This is where the magic needs to happen.

A good landing page must:

Don’t skimp here. A poorly-designed page will kill your results, no matter how good your solo ad is.

Step 4.5: The Irresistible Freebie

Your solo ad leads to a landing page. That landing page needs a hook - something they get just for opting in.

This is your front-end offer, and ideally, it’s free.

Think beyond boring PDFs. What can you give them that:

Get creative! A great free offer builds trust and opens the door to paid products down the line.

Step 5: Tracking, Analyzing, and Refining

Don’t just throw money at solo ads and hope. Track everything.

Use your own link tracker to see:

This data is gold. With each solo ad run, ask yourself:

Turning a profit from solo ads is a skill.

You get better with practice.


Solo ads can be a powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal - but only if you wield them wisely.


It takes work, but the payoff can be huge.

Don’t let a few bad experiences scare you off.

Learn, adapt, and keep experimenting!

Stay awesome,

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