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Welocalize Review: Worth Your Time?

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Okay, let’s talk about WeLocalize - a company that helps businesses translate their stuff into different languages. Seems like a legit opportunity to make money if you’re a translator, right?

The Gist

Here’s the thing: They are a real company. They’ve got good marks from employees and stuff. So they’re not a scam.

But before you get too excited…

They’re picky. WeLocalize wants translators with serious experience and degrees.

If you’re new to this, they probably won’t be interested.

But hold on – there’s hope…

… if you’re a go-getter!

Don’t get down if you’re not their type.

There are always other ways to make this work.

My 2 Cents

So, what’s my takeaway? WeLocalize is fine if you’re already a pro.

But if not, don’t let that stop you.

Translation is a valuable skill, and with a little hustle, you’ll find ways to make it pay off.

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