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Uii.io Review: Should You Shorten Links the Easy (But Annoying) Way?

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Let’s be brutally honest: you’ve seen those shortened links that force you to click through a maze of ads before you get to where you want to go. Chances are, Uii.io is behind that kind of ‘user experience’.

The pitch is tempting - make a little money every time someone clicks your shortened link. Easy, right? But here’s the thing to think about…

How Uii.io Works (and Why It Might Not Be Worth It)

  1. You sign up, shorten a link, share it.
  2. Someone clicks, and BAM! Ads everywhere.
  3. You earn pennies, maybe.

Those ads? That’s the experience you’re giving to anyone who trusts you enough to click your link.

And those pennies you might earn? Imho they could cost you more in the long run.

Your Reputation is Worth More Than a Few Clicks

People start associating you with those annoying ads. They lose trust. Is that worth pocket change?

To me, the answer is a clear “no.”

Focus on Real Value

Instead of shortcuts, think about providing genuine value.

What if, instead of ads, you shared great products you love and could earn a commission when someone buys? That’s affiliate marketing. It’s about building relationships and trust, not chasing pennies with spammy tactics. (learn more here)

Action Step

Want a better way?

Forget the quick-fix mindset that these link shorteners prey on. Instead…invest time in learning how to create real value online.

Explore affiliate marketing, build something of your own, share your expertise generously.

Ditch the shortcuts and do the work that pays off in both money AND respect.

Stay awesome,

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