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The Irresistible Offer by Mark Joyner

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These are my personal book notes of The Irresistible Offer by the author Mark Joyner.

Here you can find my book notes on The Great Formula from the same author.

Let’s dive in.


This book presents an alternative to the marketing of the past. I believe that a business can be immensely profitable and still operate with a high degree of integrity.
- Mark Joyner

Table Of Contents Of The Book

Key Concepts & Ideas

There are 86,400 seconds in a day.

You have exactly 3 of them to capture the mind of your prospect.

People today are impatient, and rightfully so.

They are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages a day.

If they were to respond to every message they see, they would be utterly paralyzed.

Today, consumers are forced to make quick evaluations as a matter of survival.

The Core Imperative Of Business

I want to show you an extremely efficient form of marketing that cuts right to heart of your prospects’ mind and will have them ready to buy your products, your services, and your ideas almost instantly.

In order to do business in this world, what is the one thing you need?

The one thing you absolutely, positively cannot do without?

From the dawn of time, all business can be boiled down to one single thing.

An offer.

That’s right. An offer.

A quid pro quo.

This for that.

You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

What does the ice cream man offer?

You give me money. I give you refreshment.

What does a banker offer?

You let me borrow your money, I’ll give you some interest.

What does your government offer?

You pay us taxes, and we’ll protect you from the barbarian hoards.

What do hospitals, haberdashers, and hookers all do?

They make offers.

Business simply does not get done - in fact, it doesn’t even start - until an offer is made.

The Core Imperative of Business is simply this: Make an offer.

The Big Four Questions

The Big Four Questions are the Unspoken Inner Dialogue of your prospects when you try to sell to them.

  1. Question 1: What are you trying to sell me?
  2. Question 2: How much?
  3. Question 3: Why should I believe you? (This question goes to the core of buyer insecurity)
  4. Question 4: What’s in it for me?

If, at the core of your sales process, your offer is not a good or a fair one, then only fools will buy.

And, if you have fooled someone into buying your product, you won’t have that customer for very long.

A master - one who knows how to make a quality offer - will wow the customer once, and wow him again and again and again until both buyer and seller have happily prospered.

Such is the way millions and billions are made.

An offer only works if it has credibility behind it.

You buy the Bentley, but what’s really in it for you is the prestige that comes with owning one.

There’s a marketing axiom that’s been around for a long time:

“People make their decisions based on emotion and justify them with logic.”

What Is The Irresistible Offer?

The Irresistible Offer is an identity-building offer central to a product, service, or company where the believable return on investment is communicated so clearly and efficiently that it’s immediately apparent you’d have to be a fool to pass it up.

The Irresistible Offer cuts through all the noise and clutter.

It creates an itch that the buyer has to scratch.

Such an offer makes doing business with you so easy and obviously beneficial that you stand out clearly from the crowd.

People remember you.

People can’t move quickly enough to give you their money.

If you don’t start with The Irresistible Offer as the core of your business approach, then all of the grand theories and marketing trickery of the world amount to nothing more than throwing a coat of glossy paint on a rickety wooden shack.

It could be the world’s greatest paint job, but there isn’t much of a real estate market for well-painted shacks.

The Irresistible Offer, by contrast, allows you to create a castle.

Elements Of The Irresistible Offer

The Irresistible Offer is composed of three elements:

  1. A High ROI Offer
  2. A Touchstone
  3. Believability

Simply offer the customer a genuinely good deal, and your job of marketing suddenly becomes a hell of a lot easier.

If the ROI is clear, no sales trickery is needed.

You can get right down to business and spend more time making sales and less time weaving your loom of sales hypnosis.

Having a high ROI offer is 90 percent of the game.

The Touchstone

Never before in the history of modern man have we had so many marketing messages competing for our attention.

What if you could cut through all of the static?

What if you could capture your customer’s attention, make yourself truly memorable, and put your customers in a frame of mind that makes them want to buy your product or service on the spot?

What’s a touchstone?

In short, it’s a statement that addresses as many of the following points as possible:

And, no matter what, your Touchstone must say:

Here’s a great offer.

Here’s a deal for you so great that you’d be a fool to pass it up.

The Stylistic Elements Of A Great Touchstone

When you make an Irresistible Offer, you’ve made the transition from annoying salesman to trusted friend offering something of desirable value.


The bigger and bolder you make your Touchstone, the more difficult it is to prove, and the harder you have to work to sell your believability and your credibility.

Magic Formulas For Believability

Putting It All Together

The irresistible offer creation process: Here’s exactly what you do, in chronological order:

  1. Develop a High ROI Offer
  2. Create a Compelling Touchstone
  3. Believability

The Irresistible Offer Sales Process

What your customers sees, in chronological order:

  1. Your Touchstone (This piques his interest. Two or three of his big questions are answered in a way that intrigues and excites him, so he’s willing to dig further to see what you have.)
  2. Believability (He discovers enough about you and/or your products and services to know that you can be trusted. This empowers him to dig deeper.)
  3. High ROI Offer (If your customer gets to this point and finds that your touchstone has truly captured the spirit of what you’re actually offering, you’ve got a sale. Better still: If he discovers it’s better than what he expected consider your sale a true slam-dunk.


Remember, your marketing has to cut through the nonstop barrage of marketing nonsense with which your customers are battered throughout their day.

That’s the purpose of an effective Touchstone.

Immediately, you present a short, interesting, credible offer to your prospect that transcends all of the other noise in the environment.

The customer’s Unspoken Inner Dialogue kicks in.

It says, “Hey, that’s not the normal manipulative advertising claptrap. These guys might actually understand what I want.”

You then add in the factors that bolster your Believability.

The Unspoken Inner Dialogue is heard from again.

It says, “Okay, this is a great offer, and these guys seem credible. But sometimes nothing is as it seems. What’s the real deal? What’s the catch here?”

And this is when you’re at the make-or-break point:

When the Touchstone meets the Offer, and your customer decides whether the reality is equal to the promise.

And, sometimes, there is a catch.

If your Touchstone is a loss leader, sometimes you may require a bit more from your customer in exchange for the killer deal.

But, after digging deeper, if the prospect finds a truly High ROI Offer at the core, the sale is closed.

The Great Formula

It really isn’t any harder than following these three steps:

  1. Create The Irresistible Offer
  2. Present It to a Thirsty Crowd
  3. Sell Them a Second Glass (This is where you’ll make most of your profit)

Whether you’re working to be a better marketer or to write more attractive ad copy, just remember that whatever you learn cannot be a replacement for The Great Formula.

You can create the world’s greatest offer, but if you don’t present it to people who have a natural interest, a genuine hunger, for your product, you’ve wasted your time.

Offer Intensifiers

Closing Thoughts

My book notes only cover small parts of the book.

So if you like what you read, please consider buying the book from the author.

Stay awesome,

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