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The Gary Halbert Way

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Gary Halbert was a copywriting genius, but above all, he was a master at selling himself. That’s a lesson most of us forget. We think we’re in the business of our products or services. But really, we’re in the business of ourselves.

Halbert’s boldness and self-promotion might seem arrogant at first. But look closer - it’s about confidence!

Think of your favorite athletes or performers - they exude a presence that makes you remember them. That’s what self-promotion done well can do.

Of course, there’s work behind the swagger.

Halbert never stopped honing his craft. Every hurdle became a lesson.

His words weren’t just clever; they were designed to sell.

That’s the point: nothing matters until you make that sale.

If we take Halbert’s lesson seriously, it makes us focus on what truly moves things forward.

How to channel this for yourself

Gary Halbert wasn’t for everyone. But his single-minded focus and willingness to stand out have a lot to teach us.

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