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The Dark Side of Solo Ads

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Solo Ads: Should you bother? Here’s a blunt reality check…

Solo ads sound good in theory: buy an email blast, get instant leads, turn them into sales! Easy money, right?

Wrong. Most of the time, it’s a trap. Especially if you’re new to this game.

The problem is the focus.

Too many solo ad sellers are like that guy at the party who only cares about who he can hit on next. One and done.

They want your money for the click - who cares if it turns into anything real? That’s your problem now.

And how do they get clicks so cheap? Because often the “email traffic” ain’t what you think. Shady traffic exchanges, bots, incent traffic, fake signups… all masquerading as people who might actually want what you’re selling. Spoiler alert: they don’t.

This screws everybody over.

Newbies get suckered in, waste money, and hate the whole affiliate marketing idea. Meanwhile, those of us who use solo ads the right way (yes, it can be done) get a bad rep because of the scammers.

Look, I’m all for shortcuts that work. This ain’t one.

Want to use solo ads? Fine, but:

Here’s the deal:

Solo ads can be a tool, but most of the time, they’re used like a rusty hammer on the wrong project.

Don’t get tricked.

Focus on building the foundation, then the clever shortcuts will actually start to work.

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