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Simplicity: Your Not-So-Secret Weapon

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I like things simple. A clear mind. A focused project. A solution that just freaking works. But the world? The world loves to muck things up.

Complexity: It’s a Trap

Features get piled on. The “best” ways to do things get trendier and weirder. Soon, you’re so tangled up in tools and theories, you forget what you were even trying to do in the first place.

We all know that feeling. We do it because we think we should.

We don’t want to look like we don’t know what we’re doing.

But here’s the thing: most of the time, those complicated ways are a waste of your damn energy.

“Future-Proofing” is Often a Lie

“But what if I need to scale this up?” you ask. What if, what if… Most of the time, those what-ifs never happen. You build this massive, complex thing for a grand future that never comes, and meanwhile, you haven’t gotten anything out into the world.

I’m not against scaling or planning ahead - sometimes, that’s necessary.

But if you can deliver something useful and get it into the hands of people today, that’s usually what matters.

Success breeds the need for complexity - not the other way around.

The Beauty of “Just Enough”

Simple gets things done. Simple lets you try things, see what works, and improve as you go.

Simple lets you focus on the core of what you’re making, instead of getting lost in a million distracting details.

Fight for Simplicity

It sounds easy, but it’s not. There’s always pressure to be doing things the “right” way (read: the complicated way).

Question that pressure.

Prioritize what matters. Don’t be afraid of looking like you’re taking the low-tech route.

The ones who get things out the door are the ones who win.

Simple isn’t about minimalism. It’s about clarity.

Do what needs to be done, elegantly if you can, and don’t sweat the rest.

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