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Simple Publishing - No Web Dev Needed

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Forget complex website builders and platforms. If you have something to say, the SimplePub (Simple Publishing) philosophy gets it online free, fast, and easy!

SimplePub - Simple Publishing

Here’s how it works:

  1. Write in StackEdit. Plain text or Markdown, it doesn’t care. See your site update as you type.
  2. Export as HTML. This is your website, in code form.
  3. Upload to Netlify. Drop the file in, Netlify does the rest. Now the world can see it.

Why it’s great:

When to use it:

Perfect for short websites: Landing pages, portfolios, blogs, etc. Quickfire publishing: Say and share something that “doesn’t fit” on the big social media platforms… ;-)

Ready to share your words?

Watch my video - the process in action/demo - here:

Just dive in and try it!

Focus on your message, not the tech.

Stay awesome,

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