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Simple Sales Funnels: More Sales, Less Headaches

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Forget complex funnel diagrams.

Here’s how to create a sales funnel that actually works:

1. Start with a great offer.

Is your product or service something people really want? Does it solve a painful problem? If not, fix that first.

2. Attract the right people.

Where does your ideal customer hang out online? Focus your marketing efforts there (paid ads, social media, content marketing, etc.).

3. Capture leads.

Offer something valuable in exchange for their email address (a free guide, a course, discount code, etc.). This builds your list of potential buyers.

4. Nurture your leads.

Send them emails that provide value, build trust, and gradually move them closer to a sale.

5. Close the deal.

Make a clear offer, with a simple way to buy. Don’t overcomplicate the checkout process.

Keep it simple:

Start with one or two steps, then add more as needed.

Test and refine based on what’s actually getting results.

Ready to get started?

Focus on building relationships, not just building a fancy funnel.

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