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Set and Forget Review: Rehashed BS?

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Okay, the dream of effortless income hooked me too. We all want that feeling of building something that works while we sleep. And that’s the promise of products like Set and Forget, right? Pre-built systems, just plug in and play. But here’s the thing - my experience digging into this one left me with some mixed feelings.

What’s in the Box: A Reality Check

Let’s be real:

A Familiar Pattern: Time for a Remix?

This product, it kinda rings a bell. Feels like variations on a theme we’ve seen before.

This tells me those creators see sales potential, but haven’t hit that creative sweet spot just yet. ;-)

My Challenge to You (And Maybe to the Creator)

Instead of ditching this whole thing, can we turn it into a learning experience?

Here’s what I see:

Now, for those willing to roll up their sleeves, this has potential.

Imagine if, alongside those templates, they taught the WHY behind each step. What if they focused on audience building instead of quick fixes?

And what if users shared those real-world results, the struggles, the wins?

That’s a product I’d be excited about. It wouldn’t be “set and forget”, but it would be “learn and earn.”

Maybe, just maybe, that’s the upgrade we all need.

A (Much!) Better Alternative

… is called Lazy Commissions. I can’t believe it’s currently free ($0.00). Check it out!

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