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Below you can find an overview of the services that I offer.

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If you’re serious about getting started:

Book a call with me here and we can discuss the specifics/details.

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One On One & Group Coaching

Currently, I offer don’t offer one on one coaching…

… But if you want to jumpstart your success online consider joining our exclusive, private Discord group: Secret Affiliate Insider


All booked 1on1 coaching and consulting sessions are guaranteed to take place and will likely blow your mind.

If you don’t show up (online) at the agreed time, or if you were hoping for some magical shortcut that doesn’t exist: Sorry but this is not my issue.

I’ll do my best to get you kick-started and ahead with your online (affiliate) marketing business, but I offer NO REFUNDS on booked coaching/consulting sessions because I value and respect your and my time.

If you’re within your first 10 years online: I’ve been there, done that.

And that is exactly why I can help.


In addition to my own offers and services I rely on a small, efficient team of freelancers - mostly for my own needs.

Through this page you can get access to their services and offers - without any markups at an ultra-low rate.

This is where you can get (technical) stuff 100% done and set up so you’re ready to go immediately.

Without wasting time on researching, tinkering, dealing with errors, etc.

And because I work so closely with everyone in this team, I can offer you a guarantee noone else can:

Guarantee: All services booked on this page are guaranteed.

That means, if anything goes wrong or does not get delivered 100% the way you expected it, I’ll personally make up for it and get it done for you.

If your expecttations still aren’t met: You’ll get your money back.

Simple as that.

Coaching & Consulting Sessions

Before I send you the payment link, please book a call with me first.

That way we can figure out if this is likely a good fit for both of us, even before our first call.

For group coaching with the goal of becoming a successful affiliate marketer, check out the Secret Affiliate Insider.

Technical Services & Setups

“Clone & Convert” Any Page Into Clean HTML & CSS

For simple landing & OTO pages, choose the $67 (one-time) option:

Add To Cart - $67

For bigger/sales pages, please contact me first.

100% Done-For-You Lead Capture System

$97 (one-time) for simple pages, and $197 (one-time) for larger pages or multiple steps/pages.

We can build it around

Add To Cart - $97

100% DFY Blog Setup

If you already have a domain, perfect.

We do all the rest for you.

If you don’t have a domain yet, we’ll help you.

Select any (blog) platform and/or CMS of your choice, and we set it up for you. (WordPress, Jamstack, you name it)

Jamstack setups are free to host, WordPress hosting comes at an additional ~$5/mth.

We’ll help you select the best hosting provider for ANY platform/CMS of your choice.

Add To Cart - $197

100% DFY Custom Email Server Setup

Add To Cart - $497

This is a pretty sophisticated email server setup.

Price includes all license fees, but you’ll still have to pay for the actual use of an SMTP server.

I’ll recommend 3 professional SMTP services that I use myself.

It’s the email setup I’m using myself, it’s state of the art, allows for complete flexibility and freedom, and inboxing becomes finally possible (again)! :)

100% DFY Custom Funnel Setup

Consulting & complete funnel development, deployment, and management.

Before I send you the payment link, please book a call with me first.

Thank you and stay awesome,