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Orion Review: More Frustration Than Fortune

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Like most people, I’m interested in smart solutions, not false promises. So Orion, with its pitch of automated wealth from short-form videos, caught my eye. But after trying it? Ouch.

I’m the kind of person who’s always looking for the simplest way to do something. If it saves time or brainpower, I’m in. So when I heard about Orion, some alarm bells went off. They promise a lot, but that often means it’s the opposite of simple.

Red flags from the start.

Big income claims with zero effort are a classic sign of something fishy.

Orion was less about making videos and more about selling a get-rich-quick fantasy.

The “training” was a letdown.

Videos felt repetitive and fluffy, offering no real depth or actionable steps.

It’s like they assumed you could figure it out and didn’t care if you did.

It fights you every step of the way.

The interface is messy, features you’d expect are missing, and the editing tools practically sabotage the process. It ain’t about making good videos, it’s about enduring the software.

The result is… not good.

Orion’s output is jumbled and amateurish.

If you want to be taken seriously, this isn’t the way.

Bad results = no value.

If your final videos look terrible, what’s the point? No one will watch them, and your time is down the drain.

Key Takeaways

Here’s the thing:

There’s value in tools that genuinely simplify your work. Orion sounds like the opposite. Time is your most important asset, don’t waste it on nonsense.

My advice? Hard pass.

There are excellent tools out there that actually help you (not hinder you) with video creation. Orion is about emptying wallets, not empowering users.

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