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One Thing - Make It Matter

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You know that feeling when something just… breaks? And then it breaks again.

It’s designed to make life easier, but instead, it just wastes your time and dumps more plastic junk into the world. Ugh.

Been there. My coffee maker was one of those fancy ones – supposed to tackle all your caffeine needs.

Pods, carafe, the works! Twice in five months, it died. Not bad luck, bad design.

Too many parts, too much to go wrong.

Now, I’m a fan of the “do it well” philosophy (you know, like those UNIX geeks).

Small tools, focused purpose, powerful when put together.

Turns out, this applies to way more than software.

The Simple Power of Focus

Frustrated, I replaced the high-tech dud with the absolute cheapest, no-tech coffee maker I could find.

This thing’s got nothing. Zero bells and whistles. Guess what?

It’s the most reliable machine I’ve owned.

It makes coffee. That’s it. That’s its single purpose, and it nails it.

We live in a world obsessed with MORE. More options, more features, more complexity.

But here’s the thing: sometimes, less truly is more.

As a designer, the temptation is always there - to add that extra sparkle, that one quirky detail. But fight it!

Do One Thing, and Do It Brilliantly

Think about the products and tools you truly love. Chances are, they’re not jacks of all trades.

They do one thing, and they do it remarkably well.

That focus, that simplicity, is what makes them shine.

It takes a different kind of courage to say, “This does X, and nothing more.” But that’s where the magic lies.

Embrace the power of limits. Your work (and your sanity) will thank you.

So, here’s to the unassuming coffee makers, the focused software tools, the unsung heroes of design that just get the job done.

Here’s to doing one thing, and doing it with all your heart.

Make It Matter

This coffee maker thing - it’s about more than just getting your morning caffeine fix.

It’s a reminder that greatness doesn’t come from trying to please everyone. It comes from having the guts to focus.

Here’s the deal:

Think of your work like my no-frills coffee maker. Sure, it ain’t fancy, but damn if it doesn’t brew a perfect cup. That’s the point.

Let’s ditch the bloat and do work that matters.

Now, what’s your ONE THING?

Stay awesome,

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