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Tim - Lake

Welcome to my /now page!

The trailblazer of this type of web page is Derek Sivers.

I try to keep this page updated - at the least once per month.

Let’s see if I made it this month, here’s the ‘monthly transparency & accountability rhyme’:

September’s here, leaves drop like rain, I’m so glad it’s not winter again! (Sep 2023)

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Ok ok, let’s get serious:

Where Are You, Currently?

I have been continually traveling since 2018 - even during the pandemic.

Currently, I’m travelling around S/E Asia, spending plenty of time in Hua Hin, Thailand.

What an amazing place - in so many ways! And the beach… Just gorgeous!

Generally speaking, I’m into exploring new places and nice beaches, and like to meet new people… Especially when I’m not working on my online business or creating stuff.

What Does Your Daily Routine Look Like, Roughly

Although I enjoy a lot energy and fun from mixing things up and exploring new places… A ’typical’ day for me looks approximately like this:

The rest of the day looks rather random and totally depends on where I am, with who, and in what mood I am on that particular day.

When I’m Not Working

Occasionally, I jump into the sea or chill out near the beach, or I exercise in the gym.

I try to reduce the time I spend inside gyms to the minimum, as I don’t really like being inside a room with bad air, especially when exercising…

But I enjoy pushing my limits when it comes to lifting weights.

On the other end, I get a lot out of reading books.

Mostly non-fiction, but recently more often than not fictional action and spy thrillers.

Or I simply go for a walk around the place where I’m staying…

…getting to know new places and people, or enjoying some form of solitude and daydreaming.

Occasionally, I enjoy playing a round of pool or doing something entirely else.

I might be enjoying a massage or a great smoothie, or… Something completely different! 😊

From time to time, I enjoy going for a walk in rather rural areas.

I really enjoy eating delicious food (I love Thai food!), or just chit chatting here and there.

Sometimes I Enjoy Things That Are Absolutely Not Special

Yep, I’m talking about the stuff you don’t typically see on platforms like Instagram.

I can simply do nothing and still enjoy my time. (wow, what a concept - I know! 😉)

I just had a tough time writing about my “workday” because although I do this - and only this - for a living and to pay my bills, it doesn’t feel like work at all.

Because… I chose to do this!

And I get paid creating digital stuff… I mean, seriously. How cool is that?!

I’m extremely grateful for the freedom that I can enjoy, every single day.

The people around me tell me that I’m genuinely laughing a lot and smiling often.

I think that’s fantastic and a good sign! 😀

Most Of The Time, I Feel Very Grateful

I guess that’s because I really enjoy my work, and I like helping my audience with their online/affiliate marketing businesses.

It means a ton of fun to me!

I guess that’s also why it doesn’t feel like work… 😊

Plus, the fact that you are - right now - reading this, truly means a lot to me.

I’m a normal, approachable guy who simply enjoys to create, publish, and market stuff online.

So, if - right now - you feel like you want to say “hi” or share a few thoughts with me, or you simply want to know how to get started making money online, just let me know and we can have a chat.

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Say “Hi” If You Like To

I want to mention something important that - again - no “guru” talks about on Instagram:

Starting, building, and growing an online business can sometimes be a lonely and an overwhelming endeavor.

At one point, you might be totally lost, overwhelmed, confused, and you need help - from someone who already did what you strive to do.

Often, things become clear and obvious, even after only having had a short conversation with someone who might be a few steps ahead of you…


If you feel you’d just like to say “hi”, or you’d like to share a few thoughts with me, or you have a specific question, just let me know and we can have a chat.

Simply get on my list here and just hit reply on my first email.

Thank you for taking the time to read my now page!

Thank you very much, I really appreciate you!

Stay awesome, Tim