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Newbie Mistakes: Avoid These Success-Stopping Mistakes

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Building an online business is like navigating a long, winding road. There will be bumps, detours, and stretches of smooth sailing. It’s easy to get tripped up by those early bumps if you aren’t aware of them.

Everyone makes mistakes. It’s part of the process. But I want to help you sidestep some of the big ones so you can focus on what matters: building a business you love.

Why am I sharing this?

Because I want you to succeed! Seeing people give up before they’ve given it a real shot is tough.

You’ve got the potential - let’s unlock it.

Mistake #1: Expecting Overnight Success

Businesses aren’t built in a day. It’s about consistent, daily action.

Think of it like exercise - you won’t see results from one workout, but months of commitment transform your body.

Don’t get down when things are slow. This is the part where most people quit.

Do you have what it takes to push through when motivation fades?

Mistake #2: Chasing Every Shiny New Thing

The internet is full of ‘get rich quick’ schemes. Don’t fall for them.

Pick a strategy and business model that interests you and stick with it.

The early days are about learning, not about making millions right away.

Focus relentlessly on getting good at that ONE thing.

That’s how you build real skill, and real skill translates into success in any venture.

Mistake #3: Overthinking the Small Stuff

Don’t worry about your website’s color scheme when you haven’t gotten your first sale yet.

Focus on what makes money: marketing and selling. You can tweak the rest later.

Affiliate marketing is brilliant because it lets you start purely with marketing (of a proven product, in a proven niche), no product creation needed!

Mistake #4: Seeking Permission

You are the CEO of your life. Nobody is going to knight you and say, ‘It’s time to start a business now!’

It’s up to you to step into that role.

You’ll mess up along the way. That’s the best way to learn.

Don’t let it stop you from taking action.

Mistake #5: Fearing Failure

Failure is an illusion. It’s only feedback - what worked and what didn’t.

Don’t let fear (disguised as procrastination) hold you back. You’re smarter than you think you are.

More Mistakes to Avoid

These are biggies, but there are a few more traps to watch out for:

Are You Sabotaging Yourself?

Sometimes we look for excuses to avoid the hard stuff.

Be real with yourself - are you doing that?

True success requires total ownership.

Take Action, Today!

You have the power to build the business you want. Forget waiting for the perfect moment. It’s now. Let’s get started!

If you’re ready to lay the foundation for long-term success, check out my free courses below.

Stay awesome,

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