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What's MunchEye? Can You Make Money With It?

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MunchEye is a calendar of upcoming internet marketing (IM) product launches. Most products are digital-only.

It covers everything from cryptocurrency to video marketing software and rather ’typical MMO/BizOpp’ info products. Think WarriorPlus+ and JVZoo, but with other networks occasionally included.

The Problem with many IM Products

Let’s be real - a lot of IM products are low-quality and sold by shady marketers.

They’re designed to sell quickly on hype, then disappear as the bad reviews roll in.

Affiliates jump ship to the next shiny thing, and the cycle repeats.

They announce their next/upcoming launch ahead of time on Muncheye so that affiliates can prepare their promotions.

MunchEye’s Upside for Smart Affiliates

This presents an opportunity for savvy affiliates. Here’s the strategy:

  1. Have an IM Niche Site: This is key. If you don’t, building one should be step one.
  2. “Launch Jacking”: Write reviews of upcoming MunchEye launches and get them to rank well in search engines before the launch date. When people search for info, your review is there waiting. (“what is launch jacking?”)
  3. Be a Good Affiliate: If the product is decent, promote it. If it’s trash, steer your audience towards something better. Either way, you have a chance to earn commissions.

Important Caveat

Most products on MunchEye will be junk. Learn to spot the diamonds in the rough.

Look for launches from reputable sellers.

MunchEye’s “big launches” list can help, but remember, the competition there is tougher.

The Bottom Line

MunchEye is a tool, not a magic money machine. It can help you find potential affiliate opportunities in the IM space, but the success depends on your ability to execute a launch jacking strategy effectively.

My free course Lazy Commissions goes into much more detail on the entire process of how really anyone can make decent money online with affiliate marketing and free/organic traffic.

And Muncheye is - among other tools and resources - the IM launch calendar we use.

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