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Mind Reader AI Review: You the next Udemy teacher?

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I’m not big on “get rich quick” schemes, but Mind Reader AI caught my eye. It promises to help you create and sell courses without being an expert. They use AI for the heavy lifting and focus on Udemy’s built-in audience. Worth a look? Maybe. Here’s the gist:

How it works

Who’s it for?

People who want to teach but don’t know a darn thing. No expertise? No problem! (according to the sales page at least…)

Let’s break it down:

The good…

The not-so-good…

My two cents

Mind Reader AI might be your thing if courses are your jam. But if being an expert stresses you out, AI can help with the grunt work.

I prefer building a real online business and making money with affiliate marketing - selling other people’s stuff, building my list.

Less work, more focus on what matters. Interested? Check out my free courses below!

Bottom line:

Mind Reader AI is an interesting option, but there are always tradeoffs. Do your homework before jumping in.

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