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Millionaire Success Habits By Dean Graziosi

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Welcome to my book notes of Millionaire Success Habits by the author Dean Graziosi.

Let’s dive in.


Successful people, whether they’re working for somebody else or working for themselves, do whatever they do to the best of their ability - as if the boss is watching them every minute of every day. I learned that in everything you do, always do your best.
- Dean Graziosi

Table Of Contents Of The Book

Key Concepts & Ideas

The habits, principles, recipes, and exercises […] will give you a competitive edge, catapulting you to that next level.

Through persistence and developing positive success habits - listening to understand, having vision, always doing his best no matter what, ignoring the naysayers, and staying positive in the face of rejection - J.P. built his company into an international success.

There are a million different paths to success.

But with all of those options, I have learned that the fastest path involves one option above all others.

When success habits become your new routine, your life can change dramatically.

The Time Is Right To Change Your Habits

What if that income gap you saw on the graph did not matter to you?

What if you knew there were ways to become financially bulletproof and for you to create the “class” you desire in your life, in your home, and with your family?

It doesn’t really matter if you believe the middle class is disappearing.

If you are doing okay financially but have a horrible quality of life, or if you are not living up to your full potential, this is not what life is meant to be about.

Having money and no life sucks, and having no money and wishing you could create a life sucks.

And I am going to continue to tell you throughout this book that with the right habits, it doesn’t matter where the economy is, what’s happening to the class system in this country, or who the president is.

What matters is that you dance to your own beat.

Remember, you want to become the thermostat, not the thermometer.

In that way, you are in control of your personal economy and lifestyle.

You can shape both to fit your requirements in a way that is meaningful and fulfilling.

And yes, this goal is more than just a possibility when you believe in and have the right habits.

When worrying about money comes off your plate, you have the opportunity to be your best self.

The Foundation For All Success

If you feel overwhelmed daily because of a lack of time, distractions, or your own procrastination, I would bet you a shiny nickel that you don’t accurately know where you want to go in life.

On the flip side, when you have a clear vision for your life, you’ll stop wasting time on the things not serving your dreams, goals, or aspirations.

Your actions will have purpose and your hours will be spent achieving those goals.

All the successful people I’ve ever been blessed to meet or become good friends with know where they’re going in life and what their ultimate goals are.

They have an inner vision that they live by, and it’s time for you to get yours or take yours to another level.

Once you know where you are and where you want to go, you’ll also find it easier to acquire other success habits.

Dean Graziosi On His Childhood

I was in a steady state of feeling insecure and feeling inadequate and that was a place to which I never wanted to return.

I always felt totally out of control.

… Which Ultimately Brought Him To His True “Why”

It was an epiphany, this seventh “why.”

I don’t want anybody to tell me how to dress, where to live, or even how to raise my kids.

I don’t want anybody to tell me where I can eat, how I can function, what I can do with my time, or how much money I can make.

I want to be in control so I can make the decisions that empower me, bring me joy, and make me feel alive!

And at that very moment, I realized I didn’t want anybody to take that away from me in any area of my life.

I had finally found my true “why,” and my mission had never seemed clearer.

When you know where you are, where you want to go, and what you want (and why you want it), there is only one thing left:

How do you get there?

The Villain Within

To most of us, it’s that self-doubt, that inner voice saying, “You can’t do this” or “What makes you think you deserve that?”

And in so many cases it holds you back from taking the proper actions to move your life in a better direction.

It’s that inner resistance that in the past talked you out of pursuing the things that made your heart smile and helped you reach that next level of life.

What opportunities have you passed up through the years because you questioned yourself based solely on flaws you think you have or others told you that you have?

As you think about that question, also think about this truth:

Working on your strengths will help you overcome anything that you consider a weakness.

If you put energy and effort into the things you stink at, it’s inevitable you’ll lose your confidence and your momentum toward success.

If you put energy and focus into the things that you’re good at and become great at them, you can eventually pay for someone else to do the things you are not good at.

This one strategy will help improve more than just your bank account.

It will improve every area of your life.

So we must make it a habit to be consciously aware of the bad advice that is flowing at us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and create a filter that doesn’t allow it to get in.

When someone is spewing their bad advice to us, we can force a smile, but we need to shove that advice into our inner trash can immediately.

Create this new habit of ignoring bad advice and getting good advice from qualified people.

Diminish your internal villain and gain a new level of confidence.

Now that you understand the villain within and what gives it power - your physical appearance, the words you use, or the people you surround yourself with - you can put all those negative thoughts and habits into a bucket and shake them up.

What comes out is the story you tell yourself.

The Power Of Your Story

If we didn’t have the struggles that we have had, the challenges, and the pushes, we would never develop our character. Our character is coming from those times when we didn’t believe we could do it, but we did it anyway, and we fought our way through. In that struggle, we developed our character and our strength.
- Brendon Burchard

When I think back and imagine what my life would have been like if I hadn’t changed the stories I told myself, I know that all the success, love, and abundance I have had would not have happened.

I never would have started my own career, touched the lives of millions of people, traveled the world, and so much more.

Find the good that can come from your story and start changing it into an empowering story.

You can find your new, better story, just as I did.

Remember, no matter what your old circumstances were, you have the ability to leave them behind.

If you were cheated on, your partner stole your money, or your parents didn’t love you, throw those stories away and develop a better version of your story in their place.

You can learn so much about yourself and your future success by changing the stories of the past and killing the villain within.

More importantly, once you kill the villain within and change your story, you’ve started down the path to unleashing the hero that lives inside you and finally attaining the wealth and happiness you deserve.

Awaken The Inner Hero

There’s no way in hell you’re going to have a lasting success on a large scale without confidence, because without confidence you’re not going to take massive action. Massive action, learning from what doesn’t work, changing your approach until you get to where you want is really what makes someone succeed long term in any context.
- Tony Robbins

Inner hero represents your full potential, your best you, the one designed by God that made you special, limitless, and the one who needs to be in charge of your life.

When you awaken your inner hero - and, yes, we all have one - you will open your world up to new opportunities and amazing levels of abundance and joy.

This isn’t about being glad if something goes wrong so you can learn from it.

We don’t want bad things in our lives, but the fact is they happen.

So if they are going to happen, who do you want in charge?

I think you are getting it: the hero focuses on solutions.

The Four C’s Of Confidence

In order for this to work, feel your avatar.

You must become the new, heroic version of yourself.

Whenever something is going wrong, and you find yourself getting into a negative state, and you’re allowing that villain to creep in, look at these two pictures and say:

“Do I want to be that old version of myself that lets life control me or do I want to be the new hero version of me?”

Can you start to feel who the inner hero is?

The inner hero is the you that God meant you to be.

You’re crossing limitless boundaries and utilizing all the gifts you have to reach another level.

The inner hero is simply you at full potential with nothing being suppressed anymore.

Dean Graziosi On Overcoming Tough Times In His Life

I was telling myself horrible things and digging up old, limiting beliefs.

I started thinking, “Maybe I’m not smart enough to run a business at this level. Maybe I got lucky and my time is up?”

I was telling myself all these negative things, and it was destroying my confidence and feeding my inner villain.

But I changed my state of mind - and I changed it completely - and the one thing that sparked that change was Tony’s incantation and what I termed my personal power phrase.

I started saying to myself, “If I can get through this, I can get through anything. If I can get through this, I can get through anything. If I can get through this, I can get through anything!”

It energized my cells, it got me into a state of mind where I felt I could handle anything.

I stopped thinking about what could go wrong and focused on what could go right.

It allowed me to kick the old villain to the curb when he was trying to move back into my life.

No way was I letting that happen with my new power phrase!

I felt the inner hero take over my soul!

What power phrases can you create to help you with whatever it is you want to overcome or accomplish?

What can you say to yourself anytime you feel the villain emerging to make you feel small and weak?

What phrase can you say to get the inner hero back in charge?

Maybe it’s something similar to one of the phrases I use:

“Nothing can stop me; I’ve been through way worse!”

Or it could be something like, “I’ll never give up because my family deserves the best me!”

Whatever it is, keep it active in your mind, ready to be implemented at a moment’s notice.

The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.
- Warren Buffett

The Power Of Happiness

As your success, income, and responsibility grows, you can’t neglect your happiness.

If you are not consciously defending it, it can slip away.

I’m going to share with you the 10 Happiness Habits that can make happiness the core of success (rather than success the core of happiness).

Yes, you read that correctly: happiness leads to success, not the other way around.

You see, the outside world can only give you temporary happiness.

We all want that next level of income, the ideal weight, perfect health, a great lifestyle, more money, true love, intimacy, and passion.

Trust me, I get the desires that exist and the accompanying perks.

But all that goes away unless we learn how to be happy on the inside.

And here’s the crazy part:

If we find happiness on the inside - not an easy task - then suddenly all of those other things we want are more obtainable.

When you learn to create happiness internally, those things become a by-product of the happiness you’re creating, which is the opposite of what most people think.

Most people believe success, money, fast cars, and diamond rings come first and then happiness will materialize.

That is completely false, and the source of so many people walking around depressed.

The 10 Happiness Habits

The Quick Hacks To Success

Of course, there are thousands of habits, daily routines, or “hacks” that can help you along your journey to success.

These are some of my favorites, and you can incorporate them into your life easily, quickly, and with a far greater impact than you might think.

The Author On “Bouncing Back Fast”

I’ve been successful for lots of reasons, but my ability to bounce back from setbacks fast is near the top of the list.

Why not be the person among your peers, coworkers, or employees that rebounds from failure or overcomes obstacles faster than anyone else?

I have self-programmed this habit or “hack” of fast rebounding, and it has paid huge dividends.

How long do you linger on things when they go wrong?

How long do you play the situation over and over again in your mind?

Learn from it, but pick up the pieces and move on with that experience in hand.

The people who fail the fastest are the ones who find the solutions the quickest.

Dean Graziosi On “Going To Your Happy Place”

Sometimes we find ourselves in funks and need quick hacks to set us free from our negative moods and set our minds and souls straight.

For me, it’s thinking about being a child and being with my grandmother.

She was this warm, comforting light in my life, and when I was with her it felt like a warm hug wrapped around my body.

She taught me how to cook Italian food, and I’d sit with her on Sundays for hours while she made the tastiest Italian dishes you could imagine.

Things like that are my happy places.

So when I need them, I go to them.

I urge you to find your happy place and make it a habit that when you’re having a rough day, you remind yourself to imagine this place.

Once you get out of your funk, you can start thinking clearly again.

Dean Graziosi’s Productivity Habits

The fact is you can achieve so much more if you train yourself in productivity habits.

And if you truly want more out of your life, this is the best training you can do.

It’s like building muscle.

If I go to the gym once, I’m not going to get in shape.

That’s why I go every day.

If you want to master productivity like millionaires, billionaires, and some of the greatest minds on the planet, you have to practice being more productive every day.

Dean Graziosi On What Really Moves The Needle In Real Estate Investing And Business In General

Whether you have ever thought about real estate or not, I hope you see how clear this can be in any business or venture in your life.

Let’s take it a step further for the sake of a deeper example.

In real estate investing, here are some of the tasks that new investors engage in:

Surfing online, asking friends advice about it, browsing social media to see what other people in the field are doing, driving around looking at properties, visiting The Home Depot or Lowe’s to purchase equipment and materials, getting logos and business cards made, and overstudying contracts.

However, the only main things a new investor should be focused on are:

Those tasks are the only things that really matter if you want to get momentum and profits from today’s real estate investing.

Again I’m using real estate as an example because it has been a key moneymaker in my life and something I train other people in.

But this applies to every single business in the world.

There are lots of moving parts in any company, but only a handful create the kind of impact that leads to success.

Concentrate your time and energy on what is crucial to making money.

You can hire people to help you do the other tasks.

If you’re starting a software business or an online training company or anything else, boil down the top three or four things that most of your focus should be on and just do those things.

As simple as this sounds it’s what most people do not do.

For me, marketing is a crucial activity in every business I own.

If I’m not a good communicator, especially on video, then it doesn’t matter how great my products and trainings or methods might be, they won’t sell.

If I got in front of an audience and said in a monotone voice, “Hi, everyone, my book is really great. You should get it,” not a single person would listen to me!

If I acted like a robot, who would pay attention to what I had to say no matter how good my book was?

I’ve focused on improving my video performance and on creating the best training courses possible.

Consider this book you’re holding.

Would you have bought it if I hadn’t gotten you motivated to take action through a video or my marketing?

Maybe not, and I wouldn’t have the chance to positively affect your life.

Become Great At Only A Few Things

I realized that to be productive, I just needed to get great at a few things.

If I could do these things at the highest level, I could be successful.

I became highly proficient at finding deals others couldn’t.

And I became adept at finding buyers who have cash and wanted to buy my properties.

And those were the only two things that mattered.

In fact, those were the only two things I had to know to make my first million.

I stopped getting distracted by things I sucked at or that didn’t have the most potential to make me more money.

In fact, you need only do a couple of things really well to become ubersuccessful.

So what should you be doing?

Pour your time and energy into high-priority tasks that are absolutely essential for success.

If your business will live or die based on the team you assemble, dedicate yourself to assembling a dynamite team.

If you need to generate x dollars in six months to make your business a “go,” make marketing and selling activities the ONLY THING you focus on.

Everything else can be done by others or ignored until you have time to address those issues.

Closing Thoughts

My book notes only cover small parts of the book.

So if you like what you read, please consider buying the book from the author.

Stay awesome,

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