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Markdown: Focus On Your Words

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Forget complex word processors. Markdown is a simple way to write for the web using plain text.

Why it’s great

You probably use it already without knowing it: Discussion forums, social media comments, apps like Discord, even some email programs use a form of Markdown.

It’s easy to learn

The basics take minutes. See this Markdown cheat sheet.

Use it for anything

Blogs, apps, conversations/chats, emails, documentation, notes, presentations, even books.

Markdown, everywhere.

Ready to try it?

  1. Find a Markdown editor. Many online and offline options exist. StackEdit is a great one to start with.
  2. Start writing! The syntax is easy - a few symbols are all you need. (cheat sheet)
  3. Share your work. Markdown works everywhere.

Markdown is freedom

Freedom to write without distraction. Freedom to share without barriers.

Write better, faster, clearer.

Write in Markdown.

Stay awesome,

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