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Making Code Look Pretty on Discord

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I’m a big fan of keeping things simple, efficient, and focused on what matters. That’s the whole idea behind my blog here - and other endeavors. Turns out, this applies to making your code readable on Discord too.

Let’s face it, pasting your code directly into a Discord chat can look messy. It turns into a big block of text, hard on the eyes and even harder to understand. There’s a quick trick that makes a massive difference.

The Magic of Triple Backticks

See those three little backtick symbols (```) sitting near the top-left of your keyboard? They’re your secret weapon!

Here’s how to unleash their formatting power:

  1. Start a code block: Type three backticks (```).
  2. Choose your language (optional but awesome): Want syntax highlighting? Write the language after the backticks, like ```js.
  3. Paste your code: Now it’ll look organized.
  4. End the block: Another three backticks (```) seals the deal.

Example: Plaintext and Code Highlighting

Here’s a JavaScript code snippet in plain text, using the three backticks:

var name = "Tim";
console.log("Hello, " + name);

Now let’s use the ‘fenced code block’ with specifying the language used:

var name = "Tim"; 
console.log("Hello, " + name);

Night and day, right? The colors and formatting make the structure instantly recognizable.

This is the power of Markdown, and it works just fine on Discord, too!

Little Things Matter

This might seem like a tiny detail. But when you’re working with code, the little things add up fast. Sharing your code snippets in a way that’s easy to read helps you, helps your teammates, and saves everyone time in the long run.

Let me know if you have other little tricks like this that go a long way!

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