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Magnetic Sponsoring By Mike Dillard

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These are my book notes on Magnetic Sponsoring by the author Mike Dillard.

Before diving in, I’d like to point out that Mike Dillard decided already years ago to leave the network marketing / MLM industry, he then moved on and became highly successful in completely different industries and endeavours.

While the information in this book still is and remains highly valid today, many people became successful and entire companies were built on the information outlined in this book, please understand that Mike Dillard is no longer part of the network marketing industry.

I’d also like to mention that, although the first edition of this book was published in 2014 on Amazon, Mike Dillard used and sold Magnetic Sponsoring already as a pamphlet and training-manual version almost a decade earlier.

Back then, he was a pioneer who brought and applied these ideas and concepts in the MLM industry well before anyone else.

Let’s dive in.


Network Marketing is an industry of marketing and promotion, pursued by people who have no idea how to market or promote.
- Mike Dillard

Table Of Contents Of The Book

Key Concepts & Ideas

I was 24 years old when I first wrote this book as a training manual for my personal downline.

If you’re brand new to the industry and you’re not really sure where to start, this book will allow you to sidestep years of ridiculous marketing tactics, like cold-calling, buying leads, posting fliers, putting stickers on your car, or spamming the Internet, and provide you with a proven blueprint for a successful business.

If you’re trying to build your business on a budget like I had to, Magnetic Sponsoring will teach you how to get paid to prospect.

This will allow you to generate as many high-quality leads as you want, as long as you want, for free.

This book will teach you attraction marketing strategies that will have distributors and customers approaching you with credit card in hand, ready to buy.

The bigger and louder the world and the internet gets, the more effective Magnetic Sponsoring strategies become.

Find the methods that are aligned with you and your personality.

Only then will you get the results you desire.

After six years of failure, I stumbled upon the marketing wisdom I’m going to teach you here today in this book.

Within 18 months, I went from broke and waiting tables to making my first million dollars.

My work has been knocked-off, swiped, and emulated for a decade.

It has created dozens of other networking “gurus” you’ve heard of who have essentially re-written and re-packaged what they learned here.

How To Become The Hunted, Instead Of The Hunter

So how do you get people to contact and pursue you?

Essentially, we are hard-wired to find other people attractive or unattractive based on the level of value they have to offer, because we gain a portion of their power/value through association.

People do not join a business; they join YOU.

Challenging your current views about yourself and acting like a different person is a scary, yet wonderfully rewarding activity.

Increasing your value to others and taking the initiative to move yourself from one group to another is what personal development is all about.

If you cannot first lead yourself through struggles, how can you expect others to eventually follow you?

When you’re an alpha networker, you offer value and prospects automatically pursue an association with you so they can share a little piece of that power and value.

This business is 90 percent mental and 10 percent execution because when you’re an alpha (a state of mind), everything else naturally and automatically flows to you, and any past struggles and roadblocks fade away.

You need to genuinely increase your sense of self-worth, and the best way to do that is to increase your value to the world by learning new skills.

Through our free-market system, the world dictates how much money you make according to three factors:

  1. The number of people who are also capable of performing a particular job (competition)
  2. The amount of specialized skills or education needed to perform the job (education)
  3. The number of people around the world that your work benefits (leverage)

My Magnetic Sponsoring courses teach individuals and small business owners how to market and sell their products more effectively online.

People had no reason to join my team over any other because I had no unique value or skills to offer them.

My big breakthrough finally came when I discovered that acquiring new skills is the only way to increase your value to others and to the world.

After all of this is said and done, Magnetic Sponsoring and generating attraction is about one thing:

Increasing your value to others and to the world.

Alphas are valuable people.

The more valuable you become to others, the more they will seek you out.

That’s the secret to becoming magnetic.

How do you personally bring value to them?

Can you teach them how to advertise and generate leads?

Are you great on the phone during three-way calls?

Can you host killer meetings?

Without exception, those with the biggest bank accounts also have the biggest personal libraries, and they don’t stop learning when they reach their goal.

In the end, success in this industry comes down to just two things:

  1. Becoming a leader to others by increasing your value.
  2. Acquiring the ability to express your value to the world through marketing.

“You Inc.” - How To Create A Real Business With Zero Competition

You turn yourself into a business. You build “You Inc.”

The skills that you’ve acquired to serve the needs of others or solve their problems and the relationships that you build by providing your value to the world become a real-life commodity that can be traded for money.

My knowledge, leadership, and expertise in marketing became my product.

The network marketing company I chose to promote to the people in my distribution channel became a single offer in the overall business model of “Mike Dillard Inc.”

As someone who is providing value and leadership first, you stand out as an island of sanity.

You become a voice of reason and a trusted advisor in a jungle filled with pitfalls and false promises.

The Business Model I’ve Used To Make Over $50 Million

Now that you understand why attraction marketing works and the advantages of building a “You Inc.” business, let’s start to discuss the primary skill you’ll need to make money in this business, or any other business:


Thinking that anything outside yourself will determine the end result in your business and your life is ignorant

If they would only realize it’s the skill and knowledge of the person swinging the hammer that mattered, and not the company or the compensation plan.

The money is not in the product.

It is in your ability to move (market) that product.

Understand that this business is all about the marketing!

I became a voracious student of marketing because I’d rather have my system selling my product, filling my list, and bringing people to me 24/7, all on my prospect’s dime.

Network Marketing is an industry of marketing and promotion, pursued by people who have no idea how to market or promote.

The money is not in the product.

It’s in knowing how to market the product.

Boiled down to its most basic element, a system is nothing more than a standardized set of tools and instructions.

Nobody who bought a drill actually wanted a drill. They wanted a hole. Therefore, if you want to sell drills, you should advertise information about making holes - Not information about drills!
- Perry Marshall

This insight changed the way I looked at selling and marketing forever, because it’s the moment I realized that people didn’t buy our products because they wanted our products.

They purchased our products because they wanted the end results they would provide.

Real, effective, long-term marketing practices are based on one thing… Creating trust.

Specifically, marketing is the process of turning strangers into friends, friends into first-time customers, and first-time customers into life-long customers.

Think of marketing as dating.

The professional has a marketing pipeline in place that will continuously build trust and rapport with Suzy for weeks and months automatically, until she is ready to say yes.

The amateur has long forgotten about Suzy, and is still dialing for dollars.

The miracle of building a business in the internet age is that it allows a single person from their home computer to build a massive, global, virtual distribution channel.

My goal as a business owner is to build an ever-expanding distribution channel.

At the end of the day, your business is your list.

There is only one way to build a real list:

Earn your reader’s attention the old-fashioned way by delivering value.

My focus changed from selling my MLM opportunity, to building a distribution channel (or as we’ll call it from this point forward, a “list”).

In its most simplified form, my business model can be summed up like this:

  1. Build a list.
  2. Build a relationship with the people on that list.
  3. Market to the list.

Closing Thoughts

My book notes only cover small parts of the book.

So if you like what you read, please consider buying the book from the author.

Stay awesome,

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