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List Building Lifestyle By Igor Kheifets

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Welcome to my book notes on “List Building Lifestyle” by the author Igor Kheifets.

Let’s dive in.


Internet marketing is a business of making compelling offers to hungry audiences.
- Igor Kheifets

Table Of Contents Of The Book

  1. You - The Next Email Millionaire?
  2. True Cost of Free Traffic
  3. How I Turned My Annual Income Into My Monthly Income
  4. The Big Traffic Secret No One Wants You to Know
  5. Rapid Automated Traffic
  6. How to Find Email Lists That Convert Without Breaking the Bank
  7. Massive Passive Email Income
  8. How to Find Products That Sell

Who’s Igor Kheifets?

If you’ve been around the internet marketing industry for a while, in particular the solo ads industry, chances are you’ve come across Igor and his solo-ad business.

He’s also offering coaching and digital courses.

Let’s be clear upfront about the elephant in the room:

Yes, Igor clearly uses his book List Building Lifestyle as a lead generator… Or in other words:

His book is a way to get attention, attract the right people (traffic generation), capture their contact data (lead generation), and ultimately sell readers - who are his pre-qualified pipeline - his other, potentially much more expensive products.

And that’s totally fine in my opinion as Igor is an online marketer and that’s what we marketers do:

We sell stuff.

In fact, Igor is one of the heavy-hitters in our industry.

If he wants to dominate any affiliate contest, he will do it.

So all respect to him!

Just keep this intention and purpose for the book in mind.

Now, instead of being sold on his other products and offers, let’s see what we can learn from this relatively short book and find the golden nuggets… 🙂

Key Concepts & Ideas

Join the new economy as a producer, rather than a consumer.

If you have an email list, you pretty much have an ATM connected to your computer.

Even in today’s world of shiny social medial bells and whistles, email is the simplest form of automating your income.

There is no substitute.

Attention monetization has been world’s most profitable companies’ No 1 priority for nearly two decades.

Money is attracted to those who can capture and monetize viewer’s attention.

I went from worrying about where “today money” is going to come from to having systems that bring in new customers and new business for my company automatically every minute of every day including weekends and holidays.

I’ve developed a clear and simple approach to starting and scaling a highly-profitable internet business with low costs and low time investment.

My method eliminates unnecessary moving parts.

It speeds up your results.

Scurity lies in our ability to produce.
- Douglas Macarthur, American Five-Star General

To paraphrase the five-star general:

“Financial security lies in our ability to produce new customers and sales on demand.”

My method is based on a measurable and predictable traffic strategy which delivers immediate results when applied correctly.

The rest of this book is going to be about answering questions such as:

One of the most common things you’ll see online is people who’ve been flirting with the idea of starting a home-based business but never fully committing to it.

Incidentally, making money on the internet is not much different than making money offline.

Just like offline, you still need

Internet marketing is a business of making compelling offers to hungry audiences.
- Igor Kheifets

To make money, you need two things:

When you successfully combine these two components, you create conversions.

And conversions equal money in the bank.

The True Cost Of Free Traffic

It was becoming hard to ignore the obvious - free traffic wasn’t scalable.

I wanted traffic I could control.

I wanted a lead generation thermostat I could turn up and down whenever I wanted.

There’s no such thing as free traffic.

You either pay with your time or your money.

Reason most internet marketers avoid paid traffic is perceived cost of failure.

If a free traffic campaign fails - no harm done.

You lost some time.

But at least you didn’t lose money.

If a paid traffic campaign bombs - it hurts financially.

As we discussed earlier, there’s a cost to both.

And in my humble yet accurate opinion, the cost of free is far greater than dollars and cents you risk with paid traffic.

On the other hand, the advantages of paid traffic outweigh the risks.

Early Mistakes With Paid Traffic

I generated tons of visitors to my website, but I didn’t make any money.

It hurt like hell at the time.

I knew the traffic I was getting was decent.

I just wasn’t working it correctly.

…And After The First Struggles…

For the first time ever, I felt in control of my life, because I controlled my income through traffic.

I learned how to build systems that grew my income.

More… I knew exactly how to scale my business when I wanted to.

The first thing I would need to figure out was how to convert the traffic I was getting into sales.

Success Leaves Clues / Modeling What Works

If there’s anything I learned about internet marketing, it’s that success is rarely a result of raw talent or dumb luck.

There’s always a method, a strategy, modus operandi.

And there’s always someone who has already figured it out.

The shortest path to success is modeling what the successful people do.

Every name on those leaderboards represented someone who figured it out.

All I had to do was reverse engineer what they were doing.

So, I did.

I funnel hacked them.

It’s a term coined by Russell Brunson, the co-founder of Clickfunnels.

It’s the process of studying your competitors’ sales and marketing materials to analyze why it works and then applying the same techniques to your own marketing to improve results.

A Blinding Flash Of Insight…

They all had a large responsive email list of people who liked them and trusted them.

It almost didn’t matter how they built their email list.

What mattered was they built one and were adding new email subscribers to their list every day.

It gave them the ability to send a rush of targeted prospects with the desire and ability to buy to their affiliate link on launch day.

This put them high on those leaderboards within hours.

What separated super-affiliates from loser-affiliates was their ability to send targeted traffic on demand to any affiliate offer they wish.
- Igor Kheifets

Funny enough, the state of the industry didn’t change since I discovered this concept.

You’d still be hard-pressed to find a super-affiliate who isn’t building her email list.

Passive Income

List building is the key to passive income, because every part of it can be easily automated.

In fact, these days, anytime a new subscriber joins my email list, they enroll in a 12-months email sequence designed to turn them into long term customers.

The True Purpose Of Any Website/Blog

The moment you see your own email list for what it truly is - a push-button traffic source you own - you’re able to see and understand the true purpose of getting traffic to your website.

It is not to make sales.

It is to build your list.

This simple switch to your traffic generation strategy immediately increases your conversions (because it takes multiple exposures to convert a new customer).

From the moment I discovered all super-affiliates relied on their huge email lists to dominate leaderboards, I decided to not waste time.

I set out to build a large responsive email list of my own.

Email is the easiest way to a six-figure income from scratch online.

Igor Kheifets On Traffic Sources

You need a low-tech traffic generation strategy that puts you in front of warm leads.

Preferably, leads who have expressed interest in the products and services you’re marketing.

This traffic source needs to be scalable on demand.

It needs to be cost-effective.

Ideally, it should be a lead source you won’t get “slapped” out of or banned from.

It should be just as easy, fast and cost-effective today as it will be a year from now or 5 years from now.

A traffic source you can build on knowing the carpet won’t be pulled from underneath your feet when you least expect it.

Ask yourself what’s not going to change in the next 10 years:


Email is just another form of media.

Running an email campaign to a list is same as broadcasting an ad to radio listeners.

Same way radio and TV stations sell ads to make money, email marketers do too.

This traffic strategy is accessible.

There’s no barrier to entry.

You can just as easily secure a $50 solo ad to a small email list (or a small portion of a big email list) as you can drop $5,000 on a massive email drop to hundreds of thousands of email subscribers.

I recommend starting slow.

Once you’ve found email lists that convert for you (not all will convert equally well), scale those.

Rinse and repeat until you’re tapping several email lists on monthly basis for a stable flow of leads.

You can now see and understand how to generate targeted traffic on demand at a highly-affordable price.

Choosing An Email List To Work With

If you run a great offer to a bad email list, you will not convert.

And sometimes, you’ll run a bad offer to a quality list and you’ll come on top.

List’s data quality makes all the difference in the world.

How can you know which email lists are quality and which aren’t?

Run small tests before you scale.

The mistake I see many people make is hoping to hit a homerun the first time the run a solo ad.

But that’s kind of like marrying the first person you date.

It’s possible. But unlikely.

By testing a segment, you can put a little bit of money at risk to find out whether the email list you’re working with is right for you.

If it is, then you can buy a solo ad to a larger segment.

If not, you move on to testing the next list.

Advertising to the right email list is half the battle.

The other half is converting the leads.

How To Turn Leads Into Buyers…

Your potential customers are concerned with one thing - themselves.

Their minds are tuned to one radio station - WIIFM (What’s In It For Me).

Your email subscribers don’t care what you’re marketing and how much it costs, until they know you understand what they’re going through right now.

If you can show your target market you get where they’re coming from by talking to them about their problems, fears, desires and suspicions, they will flock to you for a solution.

When someone helps us understand our problems, we hope this person can offer us a solution.

When they do - we take it with almost no resistance.

And this changes the whole dynamic of the marketing dialogue, because now it’s no longer you pushing your product with an agenda.

It’s them asking for a solution to their problem from someone they trust.

Igor On How Often You Should Email Your List

How often should you email your list?

Every. Single. Day.

Email marketing isn’t a sprint. It’s a marathon.

The vast majority of email opt ins on your email list are interested but they’re not ready to buy yet.

You can have world’s most amazing offer and they may know they need it more than anything right now - and yet - they’ll find a reason why buying right now isn’t right for them.

Until one day, they’ll get that one email from you that pushes them over the fence.

It doesn’t matter what the reason they don’t want to buy now is.

What matters is - your emails will be there when they’re ready, offering them a way to do it.

Your email marketing income is directly proportionate to the amount of offers you make to your email subscribers.
- Igor Kheifets

If you’re building an email list to make money (and if not, you shouldn’t be building a list in the first place), you should pitch your offer in every email.

Closing Thoughts

This concludes my personal book notes on List Builing Lifestyle by Igor Kheifets.

My book notes only cover small parts of the book.

So if you like what you read, please consider buying the book from the author.

Stay awesome,

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