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Law Of The Dead Duck By Marlon Sanders

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These are my notes on the law of the dead duck by Marlon Sanders.

Let’s dive in.

The Original Video On YouTube

(the short recording is hilarious and profound at the same time, watch it and enjoy!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

Key Concepts & Ideas

The sales method of feel, felt, found:

I know how you feel. I felt the same way… Here’s what I found. (offer introduction)

Sales became easy for me the day I decided:

Whatever they are buying, I am selling.

Marlon’s law of the dead duck:

You can dress it up. You can put clothes on it. You can ‘quack’ for it. You hit it with a club. But:

Dead ducks don’t quack.
- Marlon Sanders

If the duck doesn’t quack, it’s dead. We need to move on to the next product.

In other words:

If an offer we created doesn’t sell well (or as well as we thought): We simply need to move on.

We learn from it, and then we try again.

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