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Complexity is Kryptonite: How to Build Products People Love (and Actually Use)

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I get it. You’ve got that killer idea. It’s the perfect course, the ebook that solves everyone’s problems, the membership site with all the secrets. But somewhere along the way, it got… complicated.

Too many options, too many tools, too much to explain. Suddenly, instead of excitement, you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Your customers are feeling confused.

Complexity is kryptonite to digital products. It zaps your energy and sabotages even the best intentions.

People crave simplicity. They don’t buy your product; they buy a solution.

Yet, it’s so easy to slip into the complexity trap.

Here’s the thing: you can break free. You can create products that resonate because they’re simple.

Here’s how:

1. The Power of “No”

Every time you say “yes” to a feature, a page, a new piece of tech… you’re saying “yes” to a whole lot of complexity.

It’s the easiest word to say but the hardest to practice.

Before you add anything, stop and ask: Is this absolutely essential? Could I remove something else instead?

Practice ruthless elimination.

It’s the key to clarity.

2. The 80/20 Solution

Perfection is the enemy of “done.”

Focus on the 20% of your product that will deliver 80% of the value.

What’s the core problem you’re solving? Nail that first.

You can always expand later if truly needed (but most of the time, you won’t).

3. Explain it to Your Grandma

Can you describe your product in one sentence that your non-techy grandma would get? If not, rework it.

Clarity of message is clarity of product.

Bonus: Grandma might even buy it from you! ;)

4. Prototype for Action

Get something working as fast as possible.

Don’t obsess over the perfect launch sequence or fancy tech setups. Get it in front of real people, get feedback, and ditch anything that creates confusion.

Prototype - a lot.

5. Beware the Shiny Objects

There’s always a new tool, framework, or “must-have” tactic.

Most of them create more problems than they solve.

Build with the basics, and add only what’s truly essential for your customer, not your ego.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Simplicity Sells

Q: “But won’t people think my product is too basic if I simplify it?”

A: Maybe some will. But most people are overwhelmed with choices.

A simple, focused product stands out in the best possible way. It’s a relief.

Remember, people don’t buy features; they buy solutions. Do one thing exceptionally well, and you’ll win.

Q: “I’m scared of getting negative feedback if I remove things. What then?”

A: Here’s the truth: you get negative feedback no matter what you do.

The good news is, when your product is simple, feedback becomes incredibly useful. People can point directly at the thing that’s confusing them.

This targeted feedback is gold for further simplification that benefits everyone.

Q: “Isn’t simplicity just an excuse for laziness?”

A: Nope! It takes real guts and discipline to say “no” to all the shiny distractions.

Simplicity requires deep thinking and ruthless prioritization.

It’s way harder than just throwing everything in and hoping for the best.

Q: “Where do I even start? This feels overwhelming!”

A: Take a step back. Write down every single thing your product does, everything it contains.

Then, star the top three things that are absolutely essential for your customer to get value.

Now, ruthlessly cross out as much of the rest as you dare.

Start there, and see how liberating it feels!

The Simplicity Advantage

When you strip away the complexity, amazing things happen:

Remember, simplicity is not about being simplistic. It’s about focus, clarity, and ruthlessly prioritizing what matters most.

It’s the ultimate act of service to your customers - and your own sanity.

So, take a deep breath and get radical about removing complexity from your product.

Your customers, your business, and your peace of mind will thank you.

Stay awesome,

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