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The 'Just Ship It' Method: How to Produce More as a Digital Creator

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Forget perfect. Just ship it. Most creators don’t need more ideas. They need to finish what they start. Tinkering forever kills great projects.

There’s a better way. It’s the secret of those who make a lot and make it count.

It’s about getting it out there.

Early on, forget masterpieces. Just put stuff into the world.

Each thing you finish teaches you more than a dozen you only thought about.

Think “Minimum Viable Product.”

What’s the simplest version of your idea that could still help someone? (aka “prototype”) A crappy ebook? A few rough templates? A sloppy mini-course? If it’s useful, ship it.

Deadlines are magic.

Short deadlines force you to focus. Too much time makes you add fluff.

Announce it publicly.

Tell everyone what you’re making. That commitment lights a fire, and makes it clear when you’re “done.”

Ignore the critics (especially your own).

Early feedback is usually useless. Make stuff, improve (iterate), then see what really works.

The secret is consistency.

Making a lot isn’t about bursts of energy. It’s small actions, repeated daily.

That’s how you build momentum.

So, what’s ONE thing you’ve overthought?

Can you start it today? Ship a rough version next week? The world needs your work. Stop holding yourself back.

Just. Ship. It.

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