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Info Products ('How To' Style): Perfect to Grow a Business

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Forget complex business models. If you want to make money with minimal overhead and hassle, solve problems with short, helpful ‘how-to’ digital info products.

These reports, guides, and ebooks make also for a perfect lead magnet.

Let’s dive in:

Why Go The ‘How-to Info Product’ Route?

‘How-to Info Products’ Are How You Start Winning Customers

These little problem-solvers are absolute gold:

How To Make Your First ‘How-to Info Product’

  1. What do your customers struggle with? Answer that in your product.
  2. No fluff. Just the essential steps to get the result.
  3. Format matters. Ebook, video, checklist – whatever works best.
  4. Price it to sell. More buyers = more chances to upsell later.

Online? Offline?

Most info marketing happens online, which is awesome. But remember, it’s not the only way.

Online is King (for good reasons)

Why stepping offline still matters

Bottom line: Digital is your foundation. But a sprinkle of offline can make what you offer even more special.

Info Marketing Vs Info Publishing

Info marketing is like building a lemonade stand. You’ve got a recipe, and people thirsty for your specific flavor pay you for it. You sell that knowledge directly - ebooks, courses, whatever helps your customers solve a problem.

Info publishing is like writing a cookbook. You share your lemonade recipes, but the main goal isn’t selling each glass. It’s about teaching others, becoming the lemonade authority. People might see that book, trust you, and then seek you out for supplies, new recipes, or your fancy lemonade workshops.

See the difference? Both involve your lemonade knowledge, but one’s about the cash register, the other’s about building a reputation that might lead to sales later on.

They can mix, of course. Authors can use info marketing tricks to sell a book. Info marketers can write awesome, free stuff to get people hooked. It’s just about which cart you put in front of the horse.

The Takeaway

Want a business that delivers value and grows with minimal effort? Short “how-to” info products are your answer.

Ready to build your own ‘how-to info products’ success story?

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