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How To Get Your Content Indexed Fast (On Google And BING)

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Search engines like Google and Bing are how people find your stuff. Indexing is their way of saying, “Hey, this webpage exists, let’s include it if someone searches for the right thing.” Usually, they’ll figure it out on their own, but why wait? Let’s get the ball rolling.

First things first, understand a bit about how this works:

Tech Basics

Improving Indexing - Reducing Delays

So, how do we speed up this process?

Here’s the no-nonsense approach:

1. Give ‘Em a Map

Got a sitemap? It’s like a floorplan for your website. Usually auto-generated by your SSG or CMS. It makes crawling much easier for those search engine bots. Both Google (GSC ‘Google Search Console’, they call it) and BING (‘webmaster tools’) have places to drop (and re-submit) your sitemap. Do it!

2. “Hey, Look Over Here!”

Google and Bing let you say, “Psst, index this page!” There’s a little tool for that - use it for your newest stuff.

3. The Power of Popularity

When other good websites link to yours, it’s like a thumbs up. Search engines notice. Don’t cheat with shady link schemes. Focus on making stuff so awesome people naturally want to share it.

4. Connect the Dots

Link between pages on your OWN site. Makes it easy for the bots to find everything.

5. Spread the Word

Social media won’t magically get you indexed, but more eyes on your work is good. Might lead to links, to traffic, which search engines do notice in the long run.

6. Quality Matters Most

Google and Bing want to give people the BEST answers. Killer content gets noticed faster. Do the research, make it awesome.

7. Fix the Glitches

Can search engines even crawl your website properly? Broken links, slow loading, all that tech stuff… it can be a blocker. Tools in Google and Bing can help you spot issues.

(Bonus Tip) 8. Human (-Readable) Sitemap

At the bottom of this page you’ll find my Sitemap (webpage). No complicated tech, just a simple page. Humans can (and will) find it, and read it. And so will the bots… ;-)

Final Notes

Alright, some final notes:

That’s the gist! Do these things, your content will find its audience.

Stay awesome,

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