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How To Create Your First Offer

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Many first-time product creators/vendors (of digital products) fail because they make this 1 giant mistake:

They simply don’t respect the market.

Here’s why that’s a major problem, how to avoid it, and how to finally succeed…

My “Create, Publish, Market” Framework - Step-By-Step

I recently revealed my very own strategy, framework, and playbook to succeed at launching valuable, helpful, and evergreen products within the MMO/IM market.

It can be summarized in 6 simple steps:

  1. Idea Generation
  2. Sales Message (Letter/VSL) & Page
  3. JV Message & Page
  4. Product Creation
  5. Finalize The Setup
  6. Launch

This step-by-step framework is a direct result of putting the 5 core pillars into action:

There’re some more, very effective marketing secrets and principles surrounding these core pillars, but I want to keep this post as short as possible.

If you’d like to deep-dive into this simple but extremely powerful, freedom-enabling methodology and system:

You can get instant access to the FMS here.

Everything that I share with you here is based on this framework and system.

And the ‘giant mistake’ that I mentioned in the introduction happens usually already at step 1 of the “Create, Publish, Market” process:

Idea Generation Done Right

You see, most first-time creators approach this phase from the wrong end.

Here’s what I mean:

Most vendors start with a product. Something they already created, and something that took them months if not years to create.

Often, they invested months and months of work and time, and sometimes even a lot of money into developing and creating their product.

That’s a major problem.

Because they realize - often way too late - that their offer doesn’t solve a single, real-world problem.

Instead, how we should approach this problem is the exact opposite:

How To Generate The Right Idea For An Offer

Here’s how I suggest you approach this issue:

Start with one(!) burning problem/pain within your niche, within your chosen target market.

What we need to do is to choose a specific niche (target) market, and then become world-class at analyzing and researching this market.

During this process we’ll discover major pain-points and problems that are true and real for the entire market.

A burning problem that the entire group of people (target market) deals with, and is actively looking for a solution to fix this issue.

“Do What You Love & Follow Your Passion”

I’m a creator, publisher, and marketer.

And as much as I’d like to tell you that you can simply “follow your passion/hobby” and become wealthy within that field…

… The truth is that most of the money can be found in a few, specific niches online.

I call these niches insatiable niches, and - by far - the biggest reason to work within an insatiable niche is this:

Insatiable demand.

Obviously, a single article/post like this can only go so far…

I dedicated major parts of the Freedom Marketing System and it’s live case study on sharing every aspect of this insatiable demand and what I call “The Demand Factor”.

It’s The (Niche) Market, This Specific Group Of People That Dictates The Demand

… And it’s exactly this demand that is dictating - in a very specific way - the solution (products and/or services) that we can create and offer.

Understanding this is key.

In my opinion, this is the very core of successful marketing.

And The Competition?

If we’ve chosen to work within a niche full of other, savvy marketers and plenty of competition…

… Then we need to thoroughly analyze these key players and their offerings.

Doing this allows us to successfully reverse-engineer a few, obvious needs of our chosen target market.


If we chose to work within an insatiable niche with inherently insatiable demand, then this market is very likely looking for additional solutions, too!

Don’t believe me?

If you ask a dedicated golfer or someone who enjoys fishing for fun whether they’re still interested in getting new equipment for their hobby, despite having recently purchased something, what would they say?

Which brings us to the next important topic:

Asking Questions

One very, very great way to “hit the bullseye” when it comes to determining market demands is to simply ask questions.

Very soon, you’ll be able to identify real problems they’re facing.

In some cases we’ll also be able to identify the ultimate goal or dream outcome they’re pursuing.

Sidenote: You know you’re operating within a decent market if you can quickly identify several problems the market is facing (and happy and willing to pay for a solution to).

Well Done!

Congrats, you just found one (or more) major pain points of your chosen target market!

Now it’s time to think about how potential solutions to these problems could look like…

… And the approach that I suggest to follow is to simply solve only 1 problem at a time.

Developing (and successfully marketing) this one solution to one problem is at the core of the FMS.

Then, after that’s done, we can move on to solve the next problem… With our next solution.

Once the famous Gary Halbert shared during one of his seminars his answer to a question he got:

“If you could choose just 1 prerequisite for a marketing campaign to likely be hugely successful, what would it be?”

His answer:

A starving crowd.
~ Gary Halbert

Find your starving crowd.

Serve them what they want.

That’s the right approach to product and offer creation…

… Because you’ll be absolutely sure that there is demand for your solution, before you even started creating it.

Let me know if you need help with this process. (via email or within the Secret Affiliate Insider)

Stay awesome,

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