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How to Build a Powerful MMO/IM Email List with Zero Budget

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We could also call this “The DIY Way to Build an MMO/IM Email List (No Fancy Tools Needed)”. Here’s the thing: Your email list is your MMO/IM superpower.

It’s how you stay in touch, build relationships, and share your best stuff.

But when you’re starting out, “free” is your favorite word.

So, let’s ditch the pricey software and get this done with pure hustle, shall we?

Let’s dive in.

Section 1: Crafting High-Value Lead Magnets

It’s about taking simple action and impact.

Section 2: Strategic Lead Magnet Placement

Section 3: Leverage Free Traffic Sources

Section 4: The Power of Collaboration

Section 5: Optimizing Your Signup Forms


Growing a powerful MMO/IM email list for free is a marathon, not a sprint.

Killer lead magnets + consistent promotion = long-term success.

It’s more about the value you GIVE than anything you get, so focus on being insanely helpful, and the rest will follow.

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