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How does WarriorPlus work?

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WarriorPlus is a platform connecting digital product creators (vendors) with marketers (affiliates).

Affiliates promote vendors’ products and earn a commission on each sale they generate through their unique affiliate link.

The Core of WarriorPlus

How it Works for Vendors

  1. Product Listing: Vendors create a product listing on WarriorPlus. This involves:

    • Detailed product description, explaining features, benefits, and target audience.
    • Setting the price and commission percentage offered to affiliates.
    • Providing a sales page, or the website potential customers will be directed to.
    • Creating promotional materials (banners, email templates) affiliates might use.
  2. Approval Process: Listings often undergo a review process by WarriorPlus to ensure quality and appropriateness.

  3. Affiliate Recruitment: Vendors seek affiliates to promote their products. Some do this actively; others rely on affiliates finding their listings through the WarriorPlus marketplace.

  4. Sales and Commission Handling:

    • When a customer purchases through an affiliate’s link, WarriorPlus tracks the sale.
    • Commissions are calculated and, after a potential delay period (more on that later), funds are distributed to the affiliate’s WarriorPlus Wallet.
    • Vendors immediately get their share of the sale, typically deposited into their PayPal account.

How it Works for Affiliates

  1. Account Creation: Affiliates sign up for a free WarriorPlus account.

  2. Product Selection: Affiliates browse the marketplace and select products that align with their niche, audience, and marketing style.

  3. Approval Request: In many cases, affiliates request approval from the vendor to promote a specific product.

  4. Affiliate Link: Once approved, affiliates receive a unique link containing their identifying code.

  5. Promotion: Affiliates promote their products using various methods like:

    • Blog posts, product reviews, and articles
    • Email marketing
    • Social media posts and YouTube product reviews
    • Paid advertising
    • Safelists / Mailer Sites and Traffic Exchanges
    • Webinars or tutorials
  6. Earning Commissions: When a customer clicks the affiliate link and makes a purchase, the affiliate earns their set commission.

Additional Features and Considerations

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