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How do I create content that converts?

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How to Make Content That Doesn’t Just Get Clicks, But Gets SALES

Content is your affiliate marketing foundation. But most content is fluff. Here’s how to make yours actually WORK:

And about “search intent”… Yeah, it’s very important:

Search Intent: The Mind of the Searcher

Think of it like this: every time someone types something into Google, they’re not just looking for info, they’re revealing a deeper need. Your job is to crack that code:

Why This Matters for Affiliate Marketers

How to Get Good at This

The Bottom Line

Search intent isn’t about fancy SEO tricks. It’s about understanding the HUMAN behind the search bar.

Do that, and your content becomes a magnet for the perfect customers.

Content is about persuasion, not just information. Make them NEED the thing you’re promoting because it solves a problem they ACTUALLY have.

Need help digging into your niche’s true pain points, or crafting pitches that feel irresistible? Let’s brainstorm.

(And hey, I haven’t checked out this “Lazy Commissions” thing, but it goes much deeper into search intent, and it’s currently completely free, so it might be worth your time.)

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