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High Ticket Affiliate Marketing: A Big Lie?

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You see the promises everywhere: “Make tons of cash fast!” “Done-for-you system!” High-ticket programs seem like the shortcut to quitting your job and living the internet dream.

But are they as good as they sound? Or is it one big scam?

Why the high-ticket hype?

We want to make more money. We don’t want to create content all day. We want the easy win. That’s the bait, and most are too desperate to see the hook.

“High commissions” is just a distraction from the real issue: Is the product GOOD? Does it REALLY help people to a degree that matches the price?

Here’s my experience

I once fell for this. It was a “coaching group” that cost thousands to join. I promoted it, made some sales, but felt AWFUL. Why?

Because it simply wasn’t worth the money being charged.

THere was some value, but the rest? Empty promises and hype, dressed up as coaching.

The truth is, most high-ticket programs are short-lived. They flame out because the product sucks and the customers are mad.

Plus, often these programs are closed loop systems, meaning: Everybody involved promotes this one thing/course/program.

That means all those “high commissions” are useless if they dry up in a month - which is a question of WHEN, not IF.

The trap: Everyone’s in on it

The worst part? The creators and top affiliates KNOW the product’s mediocre. They just dress it up as the holy grail.

This in turn attracts clueless newbies, desperate for a fix. It’s a lose-lose game, except for those at the top.

A better way (but harder)

Building a real business takes more than shortcuts.

Here’s what works long-term:

It’s not gonna make you rich tomorrow. But it’s the ONLY way to build something you can be proud of, that will feed you for YEARS.

Want more on this? I’ve got some resources to help you build the right way. (see below)

Let me know if you’ve fallen for the high-ticket trap, or if you’re doing it differently!

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