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Helpful Reviews: Publish The Helpful Review Everyone Seeks

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Forget the noise of traditional marketing and paid ads. People can sniff out a sales pitch a mile away.

What they want is someone genuinely using a product and telling it like it is. That’s where helpful product reviews and you come in.

Here’s the step-by-step action guide:

Step 1: It’s Not About You

Who are YOU trying to help? Picture them.

What problems keep them up at night?

Choose products that FIX those problems. Your ideal customer is the hero of this story.

Step 2: Choose Your Battleground

Step 3: Write Reviews Worth Reading

Step 4: Spread the Word (Subtly)

Step 5: The Numbers Tell the Tale

Make Them Want More

End your reviews with a question that gets people talking, or a subtle “Oh and by the way, I also offer [your product or service] if this whole [product] thing is right up your alley.”

Extra Kick

This is about building an audience because you’re known as the go-to source for honest reviews. People come to YOU for advice.

That’s worth way more than any ad campaign.

Want a step-by-step plan for turning helpful reviews into a consistent, highly-targeted and free lead source?

I put together a free course called Lazy Commissions that shows you exactly how. No fluff, just the practical stuff.

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