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GenAI Review: Don't Be Fooled

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Let me be blunt: GenAI is a complete waste of your time and money. I looked into it recently, and I was disappointed by the empty promises and shady practices surrounding it.

What GenAI Claims to Do

These guys, Venkatesh Kumar and Firoz Khan, are selling a dream with GenAI.

They claim it can do all this crazy stuff:

Warning Signs Everywhere

Right off the bat, there are major red flags:

The Ugly Truth

My investigation uncovered even more problems:

It’s All a Gimmick

GenAI is designed to trick you into thinking you’re taking action.

In reality, you’re wasting time on something that won’t move your business an inch forward.

Look, I know the desire for a shortcut is strong. But building a real online business means learning actual skills and offering value to people.

The Choice is Yours

I want you to succeed, but GenAI is a road to nowhere. It’s a shame these scammers prey on those looking for a better way.

Ditch the gimmicks and let’s focus on building something real!

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