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Entrepreneurship: You're the CEO Now

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The traditional publishing world is a gatekeeper. You need an agent, a publisher, the whole nine yards. It’s a crapshoot of rejection and waiting.

Time you could be spent, well, making stuff.

Self-publishing throws the doors wide open. It’s not the easy route, mind you. But it sure as heck is the direct one.

When you self-publish, you’re not just an author.

You’re a bonafide business owner.

Daunting? Maybe a little. But here’s the magic: you learn as you go.

Every step makes you sharper, more capable. You OWN this thing. Every win is yours, every lesson learned becomes an asset.

This ain’t some hobby. This is the real deal. It takes work. Sweat. Maybe a few tears sometimes.

But here’s the thing about entrepreneurial sweat: it makes you stronger.

It teaches you about your limits, then helps you break right through them.

Here’s what to start with today:

  1. Figure out your why. Why does this book (or other digital info product) NEED to exist? What problem does it solve for your ideal reader? That’s your north star when things get tough.
  2. Start small, ship fast. Don’t get bogged down in the grand plan. Write a novella. A short guide. Something you can get out there quickly, get feedback on, and improve.
  3. Find your tribe. Where online do people like your ideal reader hang out? Don’t spam them with your book. Get to know them, help them out, be a person first.

Self-publishing as a business is about empowerment. It’s saying, “My ideas matter, and I’m going to get them into the world.”

It’s not about overnight millions (though those can happen).

It’s about building something sustainable, something meaningful, something entirely yours.

So, what are you waiting for? The world needs your business, and you can start building it right now.

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