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Email Types In a Nutshell

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Email is a tool. Like any tool, you get the most out of it when you know how the different parts work. Sure, you can figure things out by trial and error, but a bit of knowledge goes a long way. This is absolutely true with those little digital messages we all get bombarded with.

Transactional Emails: The Digital Paper Trail

These emails are like the receipts of your online life. Click a button, get an email. It’s that simple.

Here’s what you’ll see most often:

Marketing Emails: The Art of the Digital Nudge

These are the emails trying to sell you something or get you more involved with a brand. They’re sent to a bunch of people at once, so they feel a little less personal.

Here are the usual suspects:

A Few More to Keep in Mind

Why Bother Sorting All This Out?

Because a tidy inbox is a tidy mind.

Here’s how knowing your email types gives you superpowers:

Why Care As An Email Marketer?

Look, your audience isn’t a monolith. People open different emails for different reasons. If you wanna land in inboxes and get those clicks, you gotta understand this.

Here’s why knowing your email types matters:

Master email marketing, and you won’t just be sending emails.

You’ll be connecting with the right people at the right time.

Speaking of emails…

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