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Do I Need to Create My Own Content? (As An Affiliate Marketer)

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You might be asking yourself: So, do I really have to make my own stuff? Blog posts, videos… ugh.

Honestly, you don’t have to. But here’s why it’s the smart way to play this affiliate game, especially if you want to make a lasting thing out of it:

1. Trust is King

Nobody knows you from Adam when you start out. Why should someone buy that gadget you’re shouting about over someone else who seems like they actually know what they’re talking about?

Making your own content - even basic stuff - shows you understand your niche.

You’re not just some sales drone, you’re helping folks out.

People buy from people they trust.

2. It’s the Long Game, Stupid

Look, you can slap up some ads or spam social media, and maybe snag a few quick sales.

But the money dries up when the ads stop or the next trending meme takes over.

But a solid blog post or a helpful video? That stuff can keep bringing in new eyeballs for ages ‘cause Google likes it.

It’s building an asset, not just chasing a buck.

3. Be Your Own Damn Brand

Without your own stuff, you’re just parroting whatever the company that made the product tells you to. Booooring!

Your own content is where you inject some personality, find your people, and build something that feels unique. Plus, if that awesome affiliate deal goes away tomorrow, well, your audience is still yours.

4. Don’t Be Basic

Everyone and their grandma is trying to flog the same stuff with the same tired lines. You think you’ll stand out in that crowd?

Making your own reviews, or showing exactly how to use that product, or just telling your own story about it - that’s how you get noticed.

That’s how you make those affiliate links actually count.

Alright, here’s the real talk for newbies:

Those answers will tell you whether to embrace content creation or try some of the trickier, less sustainable methods.

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