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The Digital Millionaire Podcast Review: More Than Meets the Eye

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The Digital Millionaire Podcast, hosted by John Crestani, promises insights into affiliate marketing. Sounds straightforward, right? But dig a little deeper, and you’ll find it’s something else entirely.

It’s not a traditional podcast as much as it’s a clever sales pitch. A funnel, of sorts, designed to promote Crestani’s high-ticket affiliate marketing coaching program.

Here’s the gist:

The podcast isn’t a scam - there’s value in the content. But it’s fundamentally a marketing tool to pre-sell Crestani’s program.

So, what IS Crestani’s program?

Think of it as an extension of his Super Affiliate System. It teaches you:

…and the usual affiliate marketing tactics (solo ads, YouTube, etc.).

His ‘Digital Millionaire’ mentorship seems a more hands-on version of all this.

Is any of this wrong?

Not at all. But be clear what you’re getting into.

Bottom line:

The Digital Millionaire Podcast is a disguised sales funnel. Crestani’s program seems like an upgraded version of his previous one. There’s value to be found, but be aware of what’s really being sold.

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