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Conquering Complexity: One Problem, One Solution

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Forget complex. Forget comprehensive. They’re the enemy of great digital products.

Here’s the deal: you want to make something people ACTUALLY use. Something that solves a real problem and leaves them going, “Hell, YES!”

But you’re probably thinking way too big. Trust me, I’m the poster child for that mistake. Learn from my pain instead.

Trying to cram everything into one giant download. That’s the path to overwhelm - for you AND your audience.

The solution? Get laser-focused:

One problem. One solution.


Here’s the breakdown:

  1. The Problem is NOT the Problem: “How to start a blog” isn’t a problem. It’s a category. The real pain point? They can’t choose a niche. So THAT’S what you solve.
  2. Cut the Fluff: Write down the minimum steps needed to get the job done. No bells and whistles. Just the straight-up solution.
  3. Format Follows Function: Solution’s short and sweet? A killer checklist is your weapon. Need more depth? Short video course all the way.

Why this works

Actions speak louder than words

  1. Spill it: Write down TEN problems your people struggle with. Now break those down into even smaller bites.
  2. Ask your tribe: What’s the ONE thing holding them back that a quick-fix could solve?
  3. Less is more: Aim for the smallest, tightest solution possible. You can always add later.
  4. Repeat x 100: This is how you build a catalog that SELLS.

Just start

Now GO! Forget about creating the ultimate mega-guide. Just start by solving ONE tiny problem for your people.

Solve it well, solve it fast. That’s where the magic truly begins.

What’s the first problem you’re gonna obliterate?

Stay awesome,

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