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Clickbank Hops (or Hoplinks) In Plain English

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If you’re dabbling in ClickBank (the online marketplace and affiliate network), you’ve probably heard about “hops” and “HopLinks”. But what the heck are they, and why aren’t they turning into money?

Let’s break it down…

Think of HopLinks as your unique tracking code. It’s how ClickBank knows you sent a potential customer their way.

Here’s the basic format:


Recently, CB also introduced this format:


ClickBank also lets you mask your HopLinks so they’re less obvious. It doesn’t change how they work, just how they look.

Hops: Clicks (Not Cash (Yet))

A “hop” on ClickBank basically means someone clicked your HopLink. But remember, more hops don’t always equal more sales. It could be the same person clicking over and over.

Your goal: Get as many targeted people clicking your HopLinks as possible. That’s the path to commissions.

Why Hops Aren’t Turning Into $$$

The hard truth: Your traffic isn’t buying.

Here’s where to look:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Key Takeaway

Making real ClickBank money is about sending the RIGHT people to your offers.

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