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Chat Money System Review - Is It Legit?

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Let’s talk about the Chat Money System. It’s a course that shows you how to sell marketing services to local businesses, even if you don’t have any marketing skills yourself.

In a nutshell, you’re “brokering” digital marketing services.

So, what exactly is the Chat Money System?

It’s a guidebook. They teach you how to find local businesses and land them as marketing clients.

The “unique angle” is using Instagram direct messaging for outreach and relationship building. And here’s the kicker: they also train you on outsourcing all the actual marketing work to freelancers on sites like Fiverr.

What’s inside?

Honestly? Here’s what I think

I dig the Chat Money approach because it’s different. You’re not becoming a marketing expert, you’re becoming a connector. Also, gotta give props to the creator’s TikTok strategy - they’re generating business content, building an audience, and funneling people into their sales process.

What would I do instead?

While this has merits, I’m all about finding ways to make money online that are less hands-on. That’s why my jam is affiliate marketing - recommending products and getting paid when someone buys.

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Bottom Line

Chat Money System could be your jam if you’re ready to hustle in the digital marketing world without getting bogged down in the technical execution.

It’s all about using Instagram to find clients and outsourcing the grunt work.

Interested? Check out their sales page.

But if a more passive approach is appealing, affiliate marketing is worth exploring.

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