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BS & Fake Product Reviews

I’m writing these lines from a cafe/co-working space somewhere in S/E Asia…

… And I’ll keep it very short, like a micro-blog.

We’re about 32 hours away from a new product that I’m currently putting the finishing touches on. (aka creating a digital, helpful product)

The truth is: I’m putting my heart and soul into the Freedom Marketing System.

Nobody, not even the ‘biggest’ affiliates that I work with, has access to the product at this point.

Tomorrow, I’ll publish (launch) & market this product on the WarriorPlus affiliate platform and network.

Just in case you missed it:

I create, publish, and market a new, helpful, digital product - for my audience.

I’m emphasizing this because I want everyone (who reads these lines) to realize two things:

  1. “This guy is actually doing exactly what he’s teaching/sharing/talking about!”
  2. Nobody has access to the product at this point (other than me, obviously)

Now, coming to the topic of fake / BS / bogus product reviews:

In preparation of the upcoming product launch, a phase in which the creator puts the finishing touches on the product, and a pretty busy time in terms of affiliate requests hitting the email inbox…

… I came across a handful of low-quality, low-value online marketers that already published their “Freedom Marketing System Review”.

These questionable folks “educate” the public about a product that they don’t have any access to.

The ’tactic’ to create fake reviews or just BS reviews is sometimes known as “bait-and-switch reviews”, and these people (I wouldn’t call them marketers) try to piggy-back on my product and brand name, just to divert (and lie to) potential buyers to other offers.

I have zero problems with critical product reviews at all.

In fact, creating brutally honest product reviews is what I appreciate as a vendor (real feedback to get better and improve my product), and - if done truly with good intentions and in an honest way - it’s something that I like to see more affiliates doing!


… If this approach is used to “trash other products & vendors”, just for the sake of ‘generating targeted traffic’ (on the vendors’ back), and without having any hands-on product knowledge at all, and “judging” only by the sales copy of an unfinished sales page, then:

This is just shady, guys.

If you want to learn to create truly helpful, honest reviews, and to make use of the same kind of traffic without trashing product vendors and without talking bad about other creators, then I think you should check out Lazy Commissions and Traffic Endgame. (both currently free)

And if you want to learn a real, solid, and evergreen marketing strategy while having access to a complete, proven marketing system that leaves no stone unturned…

… Then check out the Freedom Marketing System - once it’s actually live & available. ;-)

Thanks & cheers,