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Forget Complicated Blogs - Start A Brain Dump

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This post was inspired by this article.

Too many people have given up on having their own corner of the internet. They think a few social media posts are enough. They’re wrong.

A brain dump is where you put whatever’s in your head.

It could be:

Don’t judge it. Don’t edit it. Just dump it online.

That’s the only way to keep the internet weird and interesting.

Screw ‘social platforms’. Own your space.

Break free from the algorithm. Start a brain dump on your own website and escape the endless popularity contests.

Ditch the platforms that can change or disappear on a whim.

Screw those big social media companies. They censored my stuff, and they’ll censor yours. They think they own the internet. They don’t.

Take control. Publish your brain dump on your own website. Be the boss of your own thoughts.

No need for fancy designs – being present is what matters.

This is for you.

Here’s how to get started:

If you don’t want to think about code:

(I call this simple process and philosophy behind it SimplePub.)

If you know your way around a bit of tech:

The point isn’t perfection. The point is to exist.

Forget finding your voice. Forget going viral. Just put your random thoughts somewhere people can find them.

The internet needs more of that.

Stay awesome,

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