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ASI: What is Artificial Superintelligence?

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Think of Artificial Superintelligence (ASI) as a hypothetical mind vastly smarter than the greatest human genius. If our smartest people are the top of the class, ASI is like a teacher from a more advanced dimension.

Today’s AI is good at specific tasks - chess, translation, etc. - but it can’t learn new things on its own. Imagine the difference if it could.

Some are skeptical we could ever create something smarter than ourselves. But remember, intelligence isn’t magic. It likely follows discoverable principles, even if we don’t fully understand them yet.

Building Blocks of Brilliance

Here’s what we’ll need to get closer to ASI:

The Promise: A World Transformed

Imagine: a tireless, hyper-intelligent problem-solver at your fingertips.

The Perils: Tread Carefully

But immense power brings immense risks:

Our Responsibility

ASI might be the most important thing humanity ever creates. We must decide: will we be blindsided by our own invention, or will we guide it wisely?

This is both exhilarating and terrifying. Let’s approach it with eyes wide open.

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