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Are there any risks to using solo ads?

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Solo ads can be tempting. Like paying to borrow a crowd for a minute. But here’s the thing: not all crowds are created equal.

The Truth About Solo Ads: Not All Sunshine and Roses

Risk #1: Fake Followers & Clickbait

Some list owners play dirty. Bots, dead emails… those clicks don’t pay your bills. Dig for the source of their list. Demand proof of real engagement.

Risk #2: The “Seen It All” Crowd

If a list is spammed to death, even your killer offer lands with a thud. Overworked lists tune out. Don’t make solo ads your ONLY play. Build your own audience too.

Risk #3: Selling Your Soul

Push garbage for a quick buck? That stains your name.

People get wise to spammers. Think long-term: good offers earn trust, which earns sales.

The Bottom Line

Think of solo ads as a way to test the waters. Track everything, learn fast.

But your main focus? Owning your own audience. That’s true power.

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